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Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park is a green wilderness of abrupt sandstone ranges west of Victoria, which travellers can dive into by way of countless tracks, trails and places to stay in and around the park.

What to expect

Waterfalls, walking trails and wildlife break up the rugged landscapes that dominate the Grampians. Outside of the park, nature meets luxury, where visitors to the region can sip wine at acclaimed restaurants or spend time exploring some of the most breath-taking views that Victoria has to offer.

The park has sealed and unsealed sections, and while it isn’t a challenge for avid off-roaders, it features plenty of scenery and classic camping areas to entice adventurous types.

Grampians National Park

In Grampians National Park, rugged sandstone ridges meet flowing waterfalls that offer travellers some of the most serene scenes imaginable. There are currently five sandstone ridges running from the north to the south, giving visitors a unique view from each perspective. The best time to visit the park is during the warmer months of August to October (when the wildflowers really come to life). It is not only the flora that is impressive, however, but the fauna, which include wedge-tailed eagles, koalas and kangaroos, among many others.

Aboriginal rock art paintings can be found throughout the park, in various shelters including the Bellimina Shelter, Manja Shelter and the Gulgurn Manja Shelter. Activities available within the park include bushwalking, fishing, canoeing and rock climbing, making it the perfect destination for any active outdoor enthusiast.

MacKenzie Falls Trails

The MacKenzie Falls lookout walk is a 1.9 km return trail that takes about 40 minutes to complete and is perfect for those looking for an easy and enjoyable trip. The trail starts at the MacKenzie Falls carpark and takes visitors on a journey that allows them spectacular views of the MacKenzie Falls, as well as the MacKenzie River. The MacKenzie Falls walk, on the other hand, is a 2km return journey that will take just under 2 hours and provides views of the gorge from the lookout point. The trail passes the base of the falls and is the recommended route for anyone who is able to cope with the medium gradient.

Reeds Lookout

The Reed Lookout boasts some astounding views overlooking Victoria Valley, which can be accessed from the path that leads up to the gate. It is here where visitors will be able to view the Mt Difficult Range, Victoria Range and the Serra Range.

Camping in the Grampians

There are a few different camping grounds available to those visiting the Grampians, and all of them offer basic facilities, including fireplaces, toilets and picnic tables. It is up to visitors to bring their own drinking water and it is advised that individuals book early during the holidays in order to avoid disappointment. The sites aren’t powered and while many will only accommodate six people using a tent and one vehicle, there are others that are more suitable for caravans and trailers.

The Grampians is a stunning destination that boasts some of the most memorable views in Victoria. The area is not only beautiful, but it positively overflows with the promise of adventure, making it a must-see for anyone visiting the region.

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