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Join us in our mission to map every corner of Australia.

The Hema Maps Alpha Team stands out as Australia's leading community-driven exploration initiative, working alongside our Map Patrol. Offering genuine and trusted support for those navigating the vast Australian outback, our program's success hinges on the unique mix of Alphas.

From weekend warriors to big lappers, tourers, families, and 4WDers, our team not only explores but actively captures valuable data during their travels, shaping the success of our program.

Currently, a significant portion of the country grapples with the lack of reliable network connectivity, posing real challenges for residents and travellers accessing reliable means of navigation. Additionally, even more of Australia remains partially or entirely unmapped, highlighting the need for ongoing efforts to make great maps even more accessible.

Every facet of our society relies on reliable navigation tools; no one understands this importance more than Hema Maps. That’s why we’ve always strived to create maps and guides that help thousands of Australians navigate remote tracks and roads, create lifelong memories, and support governments, businesses, emergency services, and communities.

Meet Sam, Our Program's Founder

"The Hema Maps Alpha Team is an integral element in our fieldwork operations. Our Alphas collect track data and Points Of Interest in the remotest regions of Australia.

They update and inform us of any changes to conditions and are on the lookout for new adventures and activities, stories and content, natural features and information to assist fellow tourers.

Typically, our Alphas are experienced outback travellers, capable of being off-grid and often isolated (but always in touch with Alpha HQ).

Our Alphas are bold, independent and motivated to go down a road less travelled.

Our Alphas are out the front. They are Leaders.

They are prepared to explore."

- Sam Hayward 

Chairman of Emprise Group & Hema Maps

See what our Alphas have to say

Alpha #009 - Isabelle Kranhold and Jeremy Wilson

"Working with Hema Maps in the Alpha program has been a fantastic way to explore the country while focusing on updating the Hema Maps with the highest quality in mind... It's our job to accurately rate the tracks correctly, find lost history in the bush and update all map information... In 2023, we found tracks and points of interest that have never before been on maps, and we will continue to find those hidden places and update the maps wherever we venture."

Alpha #012 - Ashley Pearce

I am a relatively new Alpha User for Hema, having come on board less than twelve months ago. When I first received all the information, I thought it looked quite daunting; however, once I started using the Field Maps app, collecting the data was a very simple process, and the subsequent income is good as well 😊.

Alpha #017 - Brendon and Jenny

As Alpha Users, sometimes we find ourselves in areas that need mapping, updates to Points of Interest, photo contributions or road/track changes. Other times we've selected an area that needs mapping and based our adventures around that! It's added another dimension and interest to our travels and it's great to contribute! A bit of reimbursement for the accepted updates, also offsets our fuel costs! We're glad we gave it a go and have had great experiences with the Hema team.

Maps are the lifeblood of our land

By becoming a part of something greater, you can expand your skill set with countless opportunities. Our community is full of like-minded people passionate about exploring and pushing boundaries.

So come join the community that upholds the spirit of adventure Together, we can create a brighter future for Hema Maps and Australia as a whole.

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Once you finish our questionnaire, our Alpha Team Coordinator will reach out and guide you through the next steps.

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