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Hema 4X4 Explorer for iOS

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Hema Offline 4WD Maps

Hema 4X4 Explorer provides access to Australia’s most trusted offline maps. Using your device’s inbuilt GPS, you can plan, navigate and share your adventures with confidence. Whether it’s an offroad adventure, a remote camping or hiking trip or a lap around Australia, 4X4 Explorer is your perfect offroad and outdoor adventure companion.

What’s new

New ‘Offline Mode’ and a centralised map menu helps users to confidently download, access and display their offline maps. With less buttons on the screen there’s now more room for the map so you can explore offline with ease. This release is part of a bigger program to overhaul the user experience of 4X4 Explorer with continued updates throughout the year.

Australia's most trusted offline maps

  • Explore Australia offline with Hema’s award-winning Explorer Map.
  • Backed by 40 years of exploration from Australia’s most beloved map providers.
  • Regular map updates by our Map Patrol, Alpha Teams and community of Explorers.
  • Enjoy more than 1.75 million kilometres of 4WD, offroad and remote tracks.
  • Upgrade to access even more detail with the Hema Premium Explorer Map.
  • Never get lost, whether you are offroading, hiking, road-tripping or motorcycling.

Explore offline

  • Download state or regional touring maps in full detail for offline exploration with a dedicated map downloads page, advising updates and download status.
  • Access all map-related features and information from a single map menu.
  • Customise map styles including scale and icon sizes and tracks and trips to display.
  • Use Offline Mode to save battery and reduce roaming charges and blackspots.
  • Test your map downloads offline before you travel for peace of mind.
  • Know your exact location in case of emergency or to find assistance nearby.

Record every adventure

  • Capture short tracks or entire road trips with the Track Recorder.
  • Pause and stop recordings with a single tap, and track your progress in real-time with distance, time, current speed and average speed.
  • Dive into detailed elevation and speed statistics after recording.
  • Edit recordings easily to adjust or remove breadcrumbs.
  • Securely sync and save your tracks and share them with the Hema Maps community.
  • Use the sunrise and sunset times to capture your best memories.
  • View, edit and organise your saved items with Folders or export/import GPX files.

Discover tacks & campsites

  • Find your nearest 4WD track, campsite or fuel station with more than 100,000 offline Points of Interest (POI) including 40,000 Hema-verified campsites, caravan parks, free camping spots, fuel stations, dump points, lookouts and national parks.
  • View booking information like contact details, facilities, photos and reviews.
  • Search for tracks, places and locations by name or town and view nearby POI.
  • Filter your search by POI types, facilities and interests.
  • Quickly save and toggle POI filters tailored to your unique travel requirements.

Safely plan your next adventure

  • Plan your trips online with the Hema Maps Cloud and our interactive map powered by HERE Navigation street data.
  • Choose snap-to-path for touring and straight-line for offroad travel, then view and follow your trip’s route offline and on the map.
  • Explore our featured trips or create your own travel itineraries.
  • Share your favourite tracks, trips and memories with friends and family.
  • Sync your data with the Hema Maps Cloud to securely store and view your tracks, trips, waypoints and POI at any time.

Additional purchases

You can activate additional offline map subscriptions through the purchase of a 12-Month Product Subscription (with auto-renewal) to the Premium Hema Explorer Map, Hema Raster Maps, Rooftop Maps, Meridian Maps and more, or upgrade to Camps Australia Wide POI, unlocking more than 60,000 POI.

You can enjoy a complimentary bronze-level membership with each app purchase and upgrade to higher membership tiers as needed, paying only for your required storage.



Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for Hema Maps products:


  • 4X4 Explorer is not designed for turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Keep your device charging, when possible, as running the app will reduce battery life especially while recording tracks.
  • For best results, the app requires an inbuilt mobile device GPS and location services turned on. If your device does not have a built-in GPS, you can purchase an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to use with it.


Explore confidently with Hema Maps. From Australia’s best mapping data to reliable offline use and comprehensive track recording, our app empowers every explorer.


Hema 4X4 Explorer is powered by HemaX Digital

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Michael Boulter
Good Maps, App Lacks Polish and Reliability

I have used tried to use this app a few times now for different trips. On the surface, as a maps app, it works well and I find the maps themselves to be very good with a decent user interface for basic map reading, zooming, etc. But beyond that to any more functionality and the app starts to fall over with intermittent faults. I have found on many occasions that the function of some of the features are unreliable. Some notes about the app design and function below which I did not like.
- When you open the app (iphone) a bar at the top shows whether it is in offline or online mode. This bar covers some of the buttons (filters, search, menu, etc.) so you need to wait 5-10s or so for it to disappear. Doesnt sound like much but this design could be improved.
- When using the app, jumping out of the app momentarily and back into the app resets it and it loses the location on the map and by default shows the map in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Clicking on the location button does locate the map on your location, but this is a very frustrating. Note that this is not the case when in the middle of recording a track. And it didnt matter if I had location services enabled all the time or not.
- I could not get my custom POI profile to work properly, it would not show everything even though I had certain POIs included in the profile. Not a huge issue as the default ones arent too bad, but still a feature that I didnt find to work.
- A few issues recording tracks. Starts recording well, but there were times when if I paused it for whatever reason and I unpause the recording it would track the track as if it was still recording, but not actually record that section of the track in the end (at least not the location data on the map). This only becomes apparent after you stop the recording all together and there is no indication that it is not recording while on a track.
- I could not find how to search other people's tracks in the app (e.g. to look at how long a particular track takes to drive) like you can do with Hema Cloud on a browser. Not sure if this can be done (the search button does not provide it, even when in online mode).
- About 50% of the time if I paused a recording and unpaused it, it would continue to actually record the track but would not show and indication of it recording on the map (no highlighted section on the map).
- I was in offline mode and had been recording a track for a number of days and the app logged me out of my account. I then needed to wait until I was back in reception on my phone to be able to log back in and use the app again (there was no option to use the app without logging in at this point) and when I logged back in I had obviously lost the entire few days of recording (as it couldnt backup anywhere because I was in offline mode).
- Planning a trip was ok if you only want to focus on the destinations, but beyond this it was not useful a feature. Onroad, Hema rely on your device maps app (e.g. google maps), but even off road the map isnt setup well enough / smart enough to know the track and create a route across the track. The app treats tracks like a single location POI, not a track with a start finish. Hema have tried to provide a work around to this allowing users to chose whether it is an on or off road destination when planning, but if this was a serious feature it would allow routing on and through tracks (not just to a single point) like most other apps do. This one was a huge pain when trying to plan the trip. Additionally, the app joins the destinations together via a line (similar to a route but not along roads/tracks) and this line cannot be turned off, you can only change the colour.
- This app did crash when things got too hard (even on an iphone 15 pro).

All in all a good map app for very basic usage, but could use some basic improvements in some areas of the interface and certainly starts to diminish when you get features. Although it is good for simple map viewing I have given 2 stars because you pay for the features too.

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