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The Aussie Overlanders - What Makes an Explorer?

Gareth and Kirsty have already begun their mammoth journey from Sydney to London via Africa, and say that it’s a much simpler equation than most give it credit for. 

“We all have the possibility of making the most of our lives, but we need to make the choice to do it. There are so many people out there who choose to make an excuse instead of choosing to make a plan,” says Gareth. 

Both have travelled overseas extensively before deciding on their current and most challenging trip, but Gareth and Kirsty believe that it isn’t about being born and bred travellers, but about taking the leap and not rationalising inaction. 

“No one ever really regrets travelling. Nothing can ever take away what you experience when you travel,” says Gareth. It’s a good point, after all it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t hold hope of one day seeing everywhere from Uluru to Paris. 

It’s easy to not to travel when we take kids, money, responsibilities and everything we know and love on a day-to-day basis into account. Though in saying that, Gareth left his job of 14 years, sold his house and found another home for his English Staffy, so the Aussie Overlanders’ journey is not completely no-strings-attached. Kirsty believes it comes down to living intuitively and being honest about what we really want out of life, before then working for what we decide that is. 

“The only difference between dreams and living your dreams is action. I remind myself of this daily,” Kirsty says. 

“You want to explore? Begin planning. Saving. Dreaming. Moving. Telling. Declaring. Doing. “You want to live a fulfilled life? You must choose to act.” 

The Aussie Overlanders are initially exploring Australia, going from Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge down to the High Country and then to Tasmania. After that their journey will take them through all the major and lesser-known off-road destinations Australia has to offer, with their Australian leg capped off with a first time trip to Western Australia for both the Aussie Overlanders. 

From there Gareth and Kirsty will travel to Africa, traversing through South Africa’s Garden Route, Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park, Rwanda’s Volcano National Park and eventually up to Egypt’s White Desert, before heading over to Europe and making their way to London. Follow the Aussie Overlanders’ journey on Facebook and Twitter, with exclusive photos on their Instagram profile. 


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