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Top 8 Hidden Hideaways in the Vic High Country

There are some amazing hidden campsites within the Victorian High Country and we are about to spill the beans and let you know where they are.


If you’ve just finished exploring around McKillops Bridge or entering Victoria via Barry Way, this scenic campground is located on Wills Loop Track, just off the Snowy River Road near Suggan Buggan. Situated on the bank of the Snowy River this shady camping area has tables, fire rings and a pit toilet.



Charlie Creek Campground is on a small open plain accessible by 4WD only with a drop toilet and firepit. Often frequented by wild brumbies, this is a good place to spend the night if Davies Plain Hut isn’t accessible. 



Located on Bentley Plains Road, Moscow Villa was constructed by Bill Ah Chow in 1943. Working as a fire spotter at nearby Mt. Nugong he built the log hut as a summer cottage. 

The hut offers toilets, tables and a fireplace and you’re permitted to stay in the hut when it is cold. There is also camping available at the nearby Bentley Plain campground. 

Legend says it got named this as the hut was completed on the same day as the Battle of Moscow was being fought during World War Two, however, Bill told the Forest Commission it stood for My Own Summer Cottage Officially Welcomes Visitors Inside; Light Luncheon Available.

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You’ll find this memorial to man’s best friend just off Birregun Road on the climb to Mount Birregun between Omeo and Dargo. Dogs Grave is a resting place for ‘Boney’ a drover’s dog during the 1860s, now immortalised with a striking granite monument. 

The nearby ADA Hut contains an impressive pot-bellied stove, too bad about all the graffiti. The free bush campground includes a pit toilet, tables and two firepits with BBQ plates. 



If you haven’t driven Number 3 Road from Tomahawk Hut, with its good gradients, tight switchbacks, large erosion mounds and loose and shingly rocks, we suggest you should give it a crack. You’ll also be rewarded with a good campsite that sits at 1446m above sea level. 

 No 3 Refuge Hut is popular with cross-country skiers in winter, but there is also space for a few 4WDs to park and roll out the swags. The hut has a fireplace and outside you’ll find a table, pit toilet and firepit.  

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This old hut can be a challenge to find, but it is an ideal bush camp. There are no facilities, just a well-used firepit so please remember to take out what you bring in and dispose of toilet paper properly. Access is via Nunniong Plains Track and the expansive high country plain is breathtaking. You might have to share the hut with roaming Herefords, but that adds to the high country feel.  

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How good is it when a campsite is only accessible by 4WD, is right beside the Macalister River and has a hut to retreat into when the rain comes down? This is exactly what you’ll find at the Morning Glory Hut. There are no facilities beside the hut so tread lightly. A small open area at the end of the side track also offers good camping on the river. 

Access is via a side track off Burgoyne Track from either the Licola Road to the north and includes a river crossing of the Macalister River or Black Range Road to the south. 

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OK, this might be as hidden away as the other campsites, but it offers stunning landscape vistas and is a great place to capture epic sunset and sunrise photos across the nearby pondage. The hut is accessed via Pretty Valley Road, from Falls Creek and is seasonally closed. 

The camping area has a hut plus a pit toilet, tables and firepits and is a nice open space. Make sure you carry some mosquito repellent, as they can be aggressive on a balmy evening, but the benefit is the night sky filled with millions of stars.

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