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Victorian High Country Expedition with Hema Maps


Over three months in 2024 our mapping teams moved through the High Country in an effort to remap more than 20,000km of backroads and tracks.

Never afraid of a bold new challenge, the Hema Maps team continues to push the boundaries of discovery and new adventures. 

This time, the Map Patrol teams are flying in formation with Hema’s Alpha Teams and extensive community of Hema Explorers as together they remap the entirety of the Victorian High Country, even extending into the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. 

With a fleet of precision-prepared Map Patrol vehicles, a dozen team members and a selection of Hema Alpha Teams, Hema is planning a well-coordinated expedition across several months (March to May 2024). 

The iconic Victorian High Country is home to more than 30,000km of backroads and tracks, thousands of remote campsites and hundreds of iconic huts, so it’s no small task to map all of this in intricate detail. Plus, Hema wants to properly identify all the track names, and classify the tracks according to vehicle, driver capability and seasonality, and check on the condition of all the historic huts.

Victorian High Country Expedition Hema Maps

Once the campsite is set and the hungry team are fed, fresh field data is uploaded daily into Hema’s national database to be integrated into all of Hema’s digital and print products, including the latest map updates for the HX-2, HX-2+ and Hema 4x4 Explorer app.

Author Brendan Batty is bringing his expertise to update Hema’s bestselling High Country Atlas & Guide, including finding new tracks to explore and creating new digital track guides for the Hema Maps Cloud.

Keep an eye out for the Hema Map Patrol and Alpha Teams if you are in the area, and don’t forget to follow Hema Maps on all our social media channels to see the team’s progress. 

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