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Exploring the Googs Track


Googs Track stretches from Ceduna all the way to Glendambo and boasts more than 300 dunes, making it a 4WD destination of choice within Outback South Australia.

Googs Track

Essential information

Grading: May need high clearance

Time: Two or three days

Distance: 353km

Longest drive without fuel: 311km Ceduna to Glendambo

Facilities: Ceduna, Glendambo, Kingoonya

Best time of year: May to October - avoid summer months

Warnings: Travel south to north, use channel 18 on the UHF and avoid summer months. Fires prohibited 1 Nov to 15 April. Access east of Lois Rocks to Childara Rockhole and Lake Everard Station tracks require permission Ph (08) 8648 1884)

Permits and fees: National Park camping permits apply for Yumbarra Conservation Park

Camping: Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park, Kingoonya, Googs Lake, Mt Finke

Important contacts:

  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources Ph (08) 8625 3144
  • Ceduna Visitor Information Centre Ph (08) 8625 3343 or website.

What to expect

Googs Track is considered a shortcut from the continent’s interior to the Australia’s south coast and looks as though inspiration was taken from the Simpson Desert when it was created.

The entirety of the Googs Track is just under 200km but those visiting the area might find that they spend much more time on the road exploring all the sights along the way. It is advised that visitors complete the trip from south to north or from Ceduna to Malbooma. It is from this direction that travellers find it possible to traverse the sand dunes that make the destination so popular with 4WD enthusiasts.

Googs Track

Those exploring Googs Track will need to keep in mind that the area between Ceduna and Glendambo does not offer fuel supplies at all, which means that they need to be completely self-sufficient. The best time to attempt the track is during the period between May and October, when the temperatures are cooler. Permits are also needed for those looking to explore the area.

Being self sufficient on Googs track is extremely important because there is no water along the trail. Along with supplies, it is advised that visitors also take along a satellite phone.

Yumbarra Conservation Park

The Yumbarra Conservation Park is the chance for 4WDers to let some of the air out of their tyres and explore one of the trickier, sandier areas of the region. This protected region is located just before the dog fence. Visitors are asked to close the dog gate behind them when passing through. In this area, wildlife lovers will come into contact with some of the most beloved species in the country, including wombats, kangaroos and malleefowls.

Yumbarra Conservation Park Googs Track

The name of the conservation park was derived from a rock hole in the area. During the rainy season, this hole becomes water filled and becomes a draw for the wildlife in the area. The area is arid, making it a very popular destination for 4WD enthusiasts.

Googs Lakes

The salt lakes off Googs Track are known as Googs Lakes and it seems as though the water in these basins evaporates just as quickly as it fills them. The biggest of the lakes is about 1km in diameter. The Googs Lakes camping site offers vehicle-based camping for a fee, and can only be accessed by 4WDs.

Googs Lakes
Googs Lakes (Image credit: Emma Warren, Sam Richards)

Many rock holes can be found in this area and, while the region might seem desolate at first, when these rock holes fill with water they become an oasis for wildlife in the area. It is advised that 4WDers do not attempt to drive over the salt-encrusted ground in the area because it increases the chances of their vehicles becoming bogged down.

The Goog and Dinger Memorial

Those travelling Googs track will likely want to take a moment to visit the Goog and Dinger memorial – a cairn that was erected in honour of the work done by the trail blazers Goog and his son Dinger. This memorial is situated just before the lake, so it can act as a stop off point before visitors opt to camp out for the night.

Just like the Simpson Desert, Googs Track is a trail that simply must be crossed off the bucket list for 4WDers visiting or living in Australia. This track will test a driver’s skills and savvy on the road, making it an alluring adventure indeed.

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