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Hema Maps today announced it has signed an agreement with Rooftop Maps to offer its highly regarded maps into Hema’s digital products including the HX-2 GPS Navigator and 4x4 Explorer App.

For the first time, .Rooftop Maps is offering its entire collection of 25 map titles (46 individual maps including insets) as an exclusive digital subscription bundle offer. The new digital map range will be availablevia Hema Maps products and contains extensive coverage of maps in Victoria/Southern NSW in Rooftop’s incredibly detailed and reliable style.

Hema Maps General Manager, Matt O’Meara stated “Hema has been working with Rooftop maps for many years in distributing their print maps. This is an exciting extension to this relationship and offers a fantastic opportunity for Hema customers to access Rooftop’s detailed mapping in digital form that perfectly complement Hema’s maps to enhance their navigation experience within our market leading products”.   

This subscription offer can be accessed via the Hema Cloud ( or directly from the HX-2 GPS Navigator or 4x4 Explorer App as an in-app purchase.

The Rooftop bundle is priced at $AU99.99 (inc GST) for an annual subscription.


For further information and comment, contact: -

Hema Maps

Phone: (07) 3340 0000


Rooftop Maps included in the new map pack are (a total of 46 maps incl. inset maps):

  • Bainsdale_Dargo_Omeo_1021

  • Dargo_SwiftsCreekForest_1021

  • Dargo_SwiftsCreekForest_Dargo_Inset_1021

  • Bright_Dartmouth_1021

  • Bright_Bogong_HothamForest_1021

  • Bright_Bogong_HothamForest_DinnerPlain_Inset_1021

  • Dargo_Wonnangatta_1021

  • Dargo_Howitt_PlainsForest_1021

  • Dargo_Howitt_PlainsForest_ZekaSpurApproach_Inset_1021

  • GippslandLakes_NinetyMileBeach_1021

  • GippslandLakes_NinetyMileBeach_02_1021

  • GippslandLakes_NinetyMileBeach_LakesEntrance_Inset_1021

  • GippslandLakes_NinetyMileBeach_TheLakesNP_Inset_1021

  • Jamieson_Licola_1021

  • SheepyardFlat_CaledoniaValleyForest_1021

  • Mallacoota_Merimbula_1021

  • Mallacoota_Inlet_Fishing_and_BoatAccessMap

  • Mallacoota_Inlet_Fishing_BoatAccessMap_Mallacoota_Inset_1021

  • Mansfield_MtHowitt_1021

  • Marysville_Lake Eildon_1021

  • Cathedral_Range_and_Buxton_Taggerty_Map_1021

  • Marysville_Walks_and_Rebuild_Map_1021

  • Namadgi_ACT_North_1021

  • Namadgi_ACT_South_1021

  • SnowyRiver_Buchan_McKillopsBridgeForest_1021

  • Bright_Mansfield_1121

  • SouthGippsland_WilsonsPromontory_1121

  • SouthGippsland_WilsonsPromontory_PortAlbert_WoodsideBeach_inset_1121

  • SouthGippsland_WilsonsPromontory_SouthMap_inset_1121

  • SouthGippsland_WilsonsPromontory_NP_1121

  • Toolangi_Macedon_1121

  • Toolangi_Macedon-CobawRanges_LancefieldForest_1121

  • Toolangi_Macedon-Ranges_Forest_1121

  • Toolangi_Macedon-Tallarook_Forest_1121

  • BigRiver_Rubicon_Sheepyard Flat_01_1221

  • BigRiver_Rubicon_Sheepyard Flat_02_1221

  • MtBogong_1221

  • MtDisappointment_KinglakeRanges_South_1221

  • MtDisappointment_KinglakeRanges_North_1221

  • MtFeathertop_MtBogong_1221

  • Toolangi_BlackRange_North_1221

  • Toolangi_BlackRange_South_1221

  • Walhalla_WoodsPoint_01_1221

  • Walhalla_WoodsPoint_02_1221

  • YarraValley_WestGippsland_01_1221

  • YarraValley_WestGippsland_02_1221


  • Ross: April 17, 2023

    Amazing maps the printed rooftops. Have always wished these could be incorporated with Hema, but at that price I think it’s way too expensive. Perhaps $29.99 annual sub fee or $199 purchase outright would be fairer?

  • Dylan Henson: April 17, 2023

    Great partnership. Will this be available on the HX-1?

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