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Major Update to HX-2 GPS Navigator

Improved responsiveness and more than 20,000km of updated and new offroad tracks are among the features of Hema’s latest V4 major software updates to its HX-2 GPS Navigator which goes live this month.

The update, which includes a significant enhancement to on-road navigation and routing, has improved the responsiveness and reliability of the HX-2 and includes the latest printed maps; Queensland State, Tasmania State, Outback Queensland and K’gari (Fraser Island) as additions in the Adventure Maps section of the GPS.

Hema Maps General Manager, Matthew O’Meara, said the major update is significant in Hema’s 40th year of operation. "We are very excited to be celebrating Hema Maps’ 40th anniversary this year as an Australian family-owned business,” Matthew said. “Now on our fifth-generation GPS, this major V4 release significantly improves the user experience for HX-2 owners and provides them with a complete toolkit for exploring Australia.”

Among the most significant changes are:

  • ON-ROAD SECTION — updates to the global mapping software which means significant performance improvements plus improved routing and map visuals (including 3D landmarks)
  • OFFROAD SECTION — improved speed and reliability of the offroad maps, plus new labelling (one-way arrows on tracks plus differentiation between locked and unlocked gates) and more than 20,000 kms of updated roads and tracks
  • ADVENTURES MAPS — additions include revised Queensland State, Outback Queensland, Tasmania State and K’gari (Fraser Island) Maps, all now available in the Adventure Map collection of the HX-2

Other changes include:

  • Alpha track updates throughout Australia with significant updates in WA and Central Australia
  • One-way arrows added to tracks
  • Updated track notes added from Hema’s Map Patrol and Alpha Users
  • Differentiation between locked and unlocked gates
  • Improved sand area style 
  • Improved state border labelling and style
  • Updated localities, national parks, marine parks, Aboriginal areas, suburbs and urban centres

Major Update to HX-2 GPS Navigator

Map Updates 

Since the last release, the following maps have been added to the Adventure Map collection available in the HX-2:

  • Outback QLD - Main Map
  • Outback QLD - Bladensburg National Park
  • Outback QLD - Carnarvon Gorge
  • Outback QLD - Currawinya National Park
  • Outback QLD - Diamantina National Park
  • Outback QLD - Idalia National Park
  • Outback QLD - Mt Moffat
  • Outback QLD - Salvator Rosa and Ka Ka Mundi
  • Outback QLD - Blackdown National Park
  • Fraser Island - Main Map
  • Fraser Island - Central Station
  • Fraser Island - Mid Fraser
  • Fraser Island - Rainbow Beach
  • Queensland State Map
  • Tasmania State Map
  • Tasmania - Around Zeehan
  • Tasmania - Hobart Region
  • Tasmania - King Island
  • Tasmania - Southwest National Park
  • Tasmania - Freycinet National Park


Subscriptions: Camps 12

Hema has also announced that a Camps 12 subscription is now available for the HX-2, joining the Rooftop Maps and Meridian Maps subscription offers. The Camps Australia-wide dataset has one of the most comprehensive lists including unique outback and remote camping sites, farm stays and showgrounds, national park and state forest sites, selected caravan parks and pet-friendly sites.

The full offer of subscriptions available in the HX-2 is as follows:

  • Camps 12 - $49.95 (inc. GST) per annum
  • Rooftop Maps - $99.99 (inc. GST) per annum
  • Meridian Maps - $49.99 (inc. GST) per annum

These can all be purchased via Hema Maps Cloud under My Account/My Subscriptions.

A special thank you to those involved in the Hema Alpha Program who make a huge contribution to ensuring Hema has the best maps in Australia; Peta and Andrew Murray, Flynn Drage, Lyndon Kettle, Andrew and Renee Derry, Ian and Julie Glyde, Ben and Hayley Carceller, Kev Smith and Sally Turner, Sara Watkins and Steve Ramsay, Isabelle Kranhold and Jeremy Wilson, Glenn Marshall. If you would like to find out more information about joining Hema’s Alpha Program please visit the Alpha Maps page on our website.

As part of the V4 release, additional updates are available on the Knowledge Base website

Major Update to HX-2 GPS Navigator

Next steps

At Hema Maps, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and accurate maps and guides for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore Australia's natural wonders.

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