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Power to the People

With the energy needs of Australian campers constantly evolving, Redarc has the answers. We chatted with them about all things solar and offgrid energy.

Australians love their camping. With more and more Australians heading offgrid each year, energy needs are changing. “With new demographics now heading off-grid, they have different expectations for the experience,” says Redarc RV Business Development Manager Tim Chivers. “In addition to your typical fridge and lights set up, some of the luxuries from home are now making an appearance in the camper trailer or campsite – think coffee machines, TVs and portable induction cooktops,” said Tim. These high-power devices require smart solutions, so campers are now seeking setups akin to ‘smart homes’. Think lithium batteries and charging capabilities.

“The lightweight portability of lithium batteries has also increased the demand for more portable options for those that want power when travelling but would prefer to keep it simple and less intrusive,” said Tim.  In response to this growing demand, Redarc has introduced a new range of lithium batteries to complement its battery management and control systems. This gives people the power to source their entire 12V setup from Redarc.

As with all of its products, Redarc takes its testing responsibilities seriously. According to Tim, “To effectively evaluate the compliance and reliability of our products, REDARC has invested heavily in state-of-the-art Test & Validation laboratories”. These laboratories ensure that products have low RF emissions, so they do not affect other devices nearby. Further, they ensure that products are resistant to vibration, which is essential when camping offgrid.

While Redarc rises to meet the changing challenges of campers, it is also committed to meeting the diverse needs of Australians who follow different paths. Whether it be a full-time offgrid traveller or a weekender in a caravan park, Redarc has the energy solution. “Essentially through a mix of different solar and battery options, plus configurable chargers and control devices such as RedVision, there is a system from REDARC to suit every setup,” said Tim.

Against this backdrop of constant change, where does Redarc see the industry and itself in 10 years? “REDARC has always been about enabling vehicles and mobile equipment to do more. Our tagline for many years has been ‘if it has a battery and moves — we give it power’.  When this phrase was coined, it was associated with vehicles — 4WDs, trucks, buses etc.  Today this can apply to anything. Boats, eBikes, drones. Everything is becoming electrified, everything is becoming mobile, and everything needs power. REDARC in 10 years will be very different to what it is today as it pursues opportunities in new markets and applications that involve battery power and mobility,” stated Tim.

So, no matter the challenge, Australians can continue to rely on Redarc to continue providing power to their adventures!


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