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Trip Planning - Hema’s New 4x4 Explorer App

Hema Maps new 4x4 Explorer App

Hema’s launch of the new 4x4 Explorer App has seen a number of new innovations, one of which is Trip planning functionality. This itinerary planning tool is designed to build a travel route by adding various waypoints and destinations to your trip. The strength of this app is the interaction with Hema’s 45,000 plus points of interest, which include plenty of information around facilities and things to do as well as user updated review, costs and photos.

This app also brings to the table, Hema’s much loved cloud based technology to seamlessly sync website and device. This is important when we talk about trips as most users find it easy to plan and create itineraries on a bigger computer screen rather than a mobile device. Make sure you have created your account at and also logged this into your device.

Just a couple of notes around the trip function. “Trips” is an online, on road planning tool. While the routing engine does have the ability to route via some off road tracks not all are included and may affect your route. Also included in this app, via the “Tracks” function, is an off road planning tool called “Plotting”. This allows you to build a route to follow by “joining-the-dots” of a series of plot points.

Let’s have a quick look at “Trip Planning” using the Hema maps cloud and plan a trip from Mount Dare in South Australia to Birdsville in Queensland via the French Line - a distance of 501kms

From the home screen, select “Plan”and then “New Trip Plan”, record your trip details and select the “Ädd new trip” button.

“New Trip Plan”

Move the Map or use the search bar in the top right corner to find your first location. Click the 
 “+” button and add this Point of Interest to the trip and mark this as our starting point. You also have the option to view additional information by clicking the show more button.

show more button

Continue adding destination to build up your finalised Trip itinerary. To ensure your trip takes the correct path, either select points of interest at regular intervals or create your own waypoints.


Another helpful feature is the “Destinations” tab. This allows you to view, delete or change the order of your itinerary. Once complete, you can view, print preview or add images to your trip. 

you can view, print preview or add images to your trip

Now you are ready to sync this trip to your device. Open the 4x4 Explorer App, go into the main menu and select the “Data-Sync” function. Once complete, press “Trips”. 

“Data-Sync” function

Here you will see your Trip. By clicking your trip and opening trip details you will now be able to use additional features.

see your Trip


Please note that you have the same functionality such as track recording and map layering based on what subscriptions you have chosen.

Viewing the Map.

Viewing the Map.


Including: viewing, editing and deleting your destinations (online only).



Take, add and view photos.


The 4x4 Explorer App’s trip planning function gives you the confidence to head down a road less travelled. By combining a massive 45,000+ Hema verified points of interest, world leading maps and easy to use cloud based tools you are “prepared to explore”.

For more information on the New 4x4 Explorer App, please view the link below.


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