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Thinking about buying Hema's new HX-2 GPS Navigator?

This week Hema released its eagerly awaited new GPS device, the Hema HX-2 Navigator. This is the first release of a GPS device from Hema since the HX-1 Navigator was released in 2017. 

So why should I buy one?

Maps, maps and more maps

Hema is a mapping company and the HX-2 is jam packed with the best quality maps of any GPS currently on the market.The HX-2 newly released Hema Vector Map which is fast, versatile and seamlessly zooms in and out. It also contains the latest road and track information in Hema’s database which will be updated on a quarterly basis.

The unit also contains 90 plus of Hema’s award winning printed products rendered in digital form including the latest Vic High Country 150k maps, the full Great Desert Tracks series and the Iconic Series (Cape York, Flinders Ranges, Kimberley, etc..). There is over $1000 of value in these maps alone.

Finally, Hema has worked directly with HERE Technologies to build a bespoke On-Road navigation system that has high detail on-road mapping (down to street number level) which is integrated with the off-road section.

Get off the beaten track with confidence

Hema’s HX-2 has pre-loaded maps (on-road and off-road) which are available without internet or phone coverage to explore Australia's outback with confidence.

Plan, record and share your tracks and trips

Hema through its online planner (Hema Cloud) you can pre-plan your trip or track, sync it to your HX-2, record the trip or track and then sync it back to the Cloud to share with your friends. Soon to be released is a selection of Hema’s recommended trips so you can follow some iconic journey’s driven by Hema’s Map Patrol.

Bucket loads of Points of Interest (POI)

The HX-2 has over 100,000 Points of Interest of which 40,000 are verified by the Hema team. There Points of Interest include:

  • Camping sites (Bush Camps, Free Camps, Campgrounds, 24 hour Rest Stops), Caravan Park, Farm Stays, Showgrounds and Rest Stops 
  • Dump and Water Points, Public toilets 
  • Fuel Stops and Vehicle Services. 
  • Historical, Sightseeing and Natural Features. 
  • Huts, Lookouts and many other Man-made attractions. 
  • Important Retail services like General stores, Supermarkets and Pharmacies 
  • Emergency Services 
  • And many many more


Each of these POI’s has information about the POI (i.e for caravan parks; information about the park, contact details, facility listing, etc..), reviews from Hema users, information about pricing and photos (when in online mode).

Off-road track information

In the HX-2 there are 1.75 million kilometers of roads and tracks. For off-road tracks, Hema has assigned track difficulty classifications (Easy, Medium, Difficult & Very Difficult) and provided other useful information such as Direction (i.e one way or both), Track Access (public or private), Track Surface (unselaed or sealed), Road Restrictions, alternative names, user reviews and photos.

Easy update

The HX-2 has an easy online update process from the home screen of the HX-2. The version update will pick up both system and map updates (on-road and off-road) so you have the latest road and track information from Hema’s mapping database. Note you will need internet access to pick up the updates.

For POI and your track/trip information this can be updated manually or set to update automatically and sync with the Hema cloud.

If you are looking for information we recommend the following:

  • Videos - check out our Youtube page which has 14 new videos related to all aspects of the HX-2  LINK 
  • On-line sessions - whether you have a unit or are thinking of buying one, register for one of our online interactive sessions where you will hear from a Hema staff member and be able to ask questions.  LINK 
  • Knowledge Base - Hema has prepared a section of its knowledge base devoted to all things HX-2 which includes FAQ’s, Training manuals, etc...  LINK 
  • Article - the team at Camper Magazine have done quite a comprehensive product review on the HX-2  LINK 
  • Comparison - if you are into the tech specs, we’ve prepared a summary that compares the HX-2 vs. our last two GPS devices, the HX-1 and the HN-7  LINK

To buy the HX-2 directly from Hema Maps, click HERE 


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