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New Version of Hema Explorer for iOS and Android Available

The biggest features added to the latest batch of updates help app users organise their trip data, either by time or by personal preference. Timeline automatically groups trip data according to date, allowing Hema Explorer users to view their tracks, routes, waypoints and photos in month-by-month segments as either a table or a grid. This makes it easy to view all trip data in one continuous stream, regardless of whether it’s a track recording, a pre-planned route or a geo-tagged photo.

Folders give users control over how their trip data is organised, with the ability to file related trip data in one place. This enables users to group their data for a specific journey, road trip or all-out long-term adventure, which for example is useful when a single trip contains multiple track logs, or for keeping pre-trip data like routes and planned waypoints all together and easy to access.

In addition to being added to the Hema Explorer app, Folders has been added to the Hema Explorer Cloud itself. This means Hema Explorer users can create, customise and view folders for their personal Hema Explorer Cloud account and sync them automatically to their device with Hema Explorer installed (and vice versa).

As an added bonus for iOS users, Hema Explorer has plenty of functionality on the Apple Watch too, with the ability to start and stop recording, view track stats and mark waypoints all on their wrist. Both apps have had bug fixes and performance enhancements implemented in addition to Timeline and Folders, meaning the latest version of Hema Explorer is better performing and simpler to use on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android smartphones and tablets.

Hema Explorer is an offline navigation app for adventure travel, featuring Australia-wide off-road mapping, 40,000 interactive points of interest, as well as access to satellite imagery maps and other useful online features. It’s available for $29.99 from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


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