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CamperX, The Latest App From Hema Maps

Will the latest touring app from the Hema stable keep up the high standards?

Hema is the market leader when it comes to navigational mapping, but the release of the new CamperX app is their first foray into the touring market. Packed full of tools and supported by Hema maps, how will it stack up against the rest? Let’s check it out and see.

CamperX has been developed with touring in mind, specifically aimed at those that love the outdoors, including campers, caravanners, hikers, bushwalkers and four-wheelers. With an extensive list of detailed Points of Interest (POIs), assistance is provided when travelling or planning the next adventure.

To access the app for the first time, an account needs to be created for HemaX that also enables the synchronisation of planned trips, favourite places and photos across other devices as well as viewing and sharing with others when logged onto the webpage,

CamperX currently has two map subscriptions available, HemaX Offline Lite and HemaX Premium. Only one set of maps needs to be downloaded, available state by state. HemaX Premium is a paid subscription, currently included as a bonus for the first twelve months. The only significant difference between Offline Lite and Premium is the quality of the map data, with Premium maps containing more detail.

The ease in which POIs can be created by the user is a real positive and by tapping the favourite, the POI can be viewed on the map or in more detail. Navigating to a POI is also possible with iOS devices using Apple Maps and Androids using Google Maps. Quick links along the bottom of the screen make it easy to navigate your way around the main features of the app.

Accessing the menu is as simple as clicking the three bars in the top left corner and opening up a selection of quick map filters that make it easy to zero in on the type you are looking for. Changes to map settings, more detailed filtering and map downloads are also included here as well as data updates, account profile and help. You’ll also find “My Location”, which provides exact coordinates, elevation and location that can be shared with family, friends or even your boss.

Performing a data update regularly will assist in having the most up-to-date POIs, especially for offline mode. It also uploads any photos taken when offline. Updates can be set to “Auto-sync every seven days when online” whether connected to WiFi or mobile data.

Adding photos to a POI is as easy as snapping them on your mobile device or attaching them from your photo library. One hiccup was working out how to exit my photo library because the “Cancel” button is written in white, making it difficult to see. A review of the POI can also be submitted for moderation, that includes a written review and rating.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best touring apps I’ve used, especially matched up with the HemaX webpage. I look forward to being able to use it a lot more in the upcoming months, being so simple and easy to use. As a travel writer, great tools make my job easier and CamperX fits this brief perfectly.


Available: iOS; Android.

Cost: $9.99 (currently offering bonus free 12-month Hema Maps Australia subscription valued at $49.99)

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Version: 1.1.2

This article was originally published in Camper Australia issue #151


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