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Hema Explorer Australia 4WD Maps and Off-Road Navigation

Learn the basics of how to get started with Hema Explorer using our video quick start guide and app walkthrough.

Hema Explorer quick start guide

With Hema Explorer, you can plan, navigate and share your adventures on your mobile device. Watch this video after you open the app for the first time if you want a guide through the app's intro sequence, which covers enabling location services, creating your free Hema Explorer Cloud account and downloading the Hema Explorer Map to your device to use offline.

Hema Explorer app walkthrough

After you finish the intro sequence, the map screen will appear. The next video covers Hema Explorer's functions and user interface, including how to access maps like the Hema Explorer Map and alternative map sources, using points of interest, creating waypoints and routes, recording tracks, view the weather and more.


Now you know the basics, you're ready to start using Hema Explorer to plan, navigate and share your 4WD, camping and caravanning adventures! To learn more helpful tips and tricks and to stay updated on our latest tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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