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Explorer Pro

Discover limitless exploration with Explorer Pro on your smartphone or tablet. Add an Explorer Pro subscription to your standard Hema Explorer app to access Australia’s most detailed topographic mapping and use powerful navigation features for $49.99 a year or $9.99 a month.

Australia's most detailed topographic mapping

With Explorer Pro, you have exclusive access to the Hema Explorer Map’s most detailed topographic map layers – allowing you to seamlessly zoom to an unprecedented scale of 1:10k Australia-wide. Labelled track classifications make it easy to find the right trip for you, while 10-metre contour lines and highly detailed river network data bring the mapping to life like no other topographic map.

As an Explorer Pro user, you’ll also get full offline access to State Topographic maps for New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania as well as the seamless Geoscience Australia 1:250,000 topographic map.

Premium Hema Explorer Cloud features

Explorer Pro unlocks more content and features for your personal Hema Explorer Cloud account, allowing you to better plan and share your trips online. Use Quick Routing to plot every step of your adventure, print customised maps directly from the Cloud, and research where to stay and what to see and do with detailed facility information for each point of interest.



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