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4WD Storage Ideas

There are so many different types of storage options out there, we thought it was time to show you as many useful ones as we can. 

This style of storage drawer is very popular in 4WDs
(Image: This style of storage drawer is very popular in 4WDs.)



In days gone by you’d need to extend your mortgage to be able to afford a set of carpeted roller drawers that fit snugly in the rear of your 4WD. These days though, competition and improved manufacturing techniques have made them more affordable. They are designed to fit a range of 4WDs and are constructed using galvanised steel or aluminium and can come with or without carpet, depending on the brand. 

There are several different configurations available, from the standard two drawer side by side setup to multiple drawers stacked upon each other to fill the entire rear storage space. Some systems even include an inbuilt fridge slide. 

The toughest storage drawers use roller bearings while others use heavy-duty steel ball-bearing slides that extend out further, providing access to the entire contents in your drawers.

The Expedition 134 storage box is Australian owned and manufactured
(Image: The Expedition 134 storage box is Australian owned and manufactured.)



The legends behind these tubs, Ben Kincade and Nic McKenzie designed them while stuck in the Simpson Desert waiting for a part to fix a busted 4WD. As blokes do when they have plenty of spare time on their hands, they decided that nothing on the market suited their storage ideas, so they invented their own.

The 55L Expedition 134 storage boxes are dustproof and waterproof, stackable, lightweight, lockable, tough as nails and even have integrated tie-down points that allow you to open and closed the lids without having to untie the storage box.  Unique quick-release tie-down ropes rated to 150kg stop your storage boxes from bouncing around in the tub or falling off your roof rack.

The humble plastic storage tub.
(Image: The humble plastic storage tub.)



Generally, we use cheap plastic tubs to store all our gear and they even come in a range of sizes and footprints. Most offer some form of transparency so it’s easy to see what is stored in each tub. You can buy these suckers from almost anywhere, which is a good thing because they often fail when the going gets slightly tough. Plastic tubs are not airtight, so dust and water ingress are a common occurrence.

To try and prevent carnage to your plastic tubs, tying them down helps, however, they need to be untied to access the gear inside and very few have integrated tie-down points. The little wheels under most brands of plastic tubs are renowned for snapping off and rolling away, never to be found again.  

Roof consoles offer great storage options.
(Image: Roof consoles offer great storage options.)



Roof consoles are handy for storing all those small items that usually rattle over corrugations, installing a UHF radio, adding map reading lights or sunglasses holder. They are designed to be vehicle specific and generally easily installed using existing holes in the roof lining. Some consoles are customisable and can be wrapped in upholstery that matches your 4WDs interior trim, whilst others are made using ABS plastic.

Canvas bags come in all shapes and sizes.(Image: Canvas bags come in all shapes and sizes.)



When it comes to specialised storage options, canvas bags are all the rage. Not only do they allow you to have a place to store gear neatly, but they are designed to fit inside your storage drawers, ammo boxes or storage tubs. They are made using ripstop canvas and come in all shapes and sizes, some have a clear PVC lid to allow easy viewing of what is inside. 

Canvas Saucepan bag.(Image: Canvas Saucepan bag.)


Other options include bags for kitchen storage, recovery gear, tactical bags, pantry items, toiletry kits and much more. If you can’t find a canvas bag to suit, several small businesses can make a canvas bag to fit whatever you want. 

Camp Cover Ammo Boxes .jpg
(Image: Camp Cover Ammo Boxes.)



Ammo Boxes have been a popular storage solution in South Africa for years and they have now been introduced into Australia by companies such as Quick Pitch (Camp Cover) and Front Runner (Wolf Pack).

Front Runner Wolf Pack ammo box.jpg(Image: Front Runner Wolf Pack ammo box.)

Each brand differs in design, but the ideas are the same in that they are stackable, durable, the interchangeable lids can be securely fastened and are made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. They are perfectly suited to storing heavier items such as tinned food, camping equipment and tools. 


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