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K'gari (Fraser Island) Atlas & Guide

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Introducing the K'gari (Fraser Island) Atlas & Guide, your ultimate companion for immersing yourself in the captivating wonders of K'kari (Fraser Island), as well as the stunning neighbouring islands of Moreton, North Stradbroke, South Stradbroke, and Bribie. This comprehensive atlas and guide offer, authored by experienced travel journalist Christopher Whitelaw, offers a wealth of information to enhance your exploration of these remarkable Queensland destinations.

With Hema's renowned cartographic expertise, the atlas provides clear and accurate mapping, showcasing the roads, tracks, and topographic features of K'gari in impressive detail. From major routes to hidden trails, you'll have the confidence to navigate every corner of K'gari's breathtaking landscapes. In addition, the atlas also incorporates mapping for the nearby islands, including Moreton, North Stradbroke, South Stradbroke, and Bribie, allowing you to extend your adventure and explore these coastal gems.

Beyond its exceptional mapping, the atlas and guide offer insightful guides that delve into the natural attractions, history, cultural significance, and environmental wonders of K'gari and the neighboring islands. Gain a deeper understanding of the unique ecosystems, wildlife, and geological formations that define these destinations. Uncover the fascinating stories behind the landmarks and learn about the indigenous heritage that makes these islands such extraordinary places.

Practical information is also abundant within the atlas and guide. Discover camping areas, picnic spots, recreational facilities, and other essential amenities, allowing you to plan your itinerary and make the most of your time on each island. Notable points of interest, including lakes, lookouts, and iconic landmarks, are highlighted, ensuring you don't miss any of the must-see attractions across the islands.

Unleash your spirit of adventure and let the Hema Maps K'gari (Fraser Island) Atlas & Guide be your trusted companion as you navigate the wonders of K'gari, Moreton Island, North Stradbroke Island, South Stradbroke Island, and Bribie Island. Explore their pristine landscapes, uncover hidden treasures, and create lifelong memories as you delve into sandy beaches, traverse ancient rainforests, and marvel at crystal-clear lakes.

The book features 13 4WD trips and 26 bushwalking trips from across the islands, explored and revised by Hema's Map Patrol team. Each trip has a detailed map, plus all the information you need to plan the trip including trip grading, longest distance without fuel, permits, and contact details.


Key Features

  • Advice on planning for your trip
  • Highlights, History, Flora, Fauna, Places to see, Things to do for each of the islands
  • Featuring the top 13 4WD tracks including trip grading, longest distance without fuel, permits, and contact details.
  • 26 bushwalking trips from across the islands
  • 16 Page Atlas, with detailed maps showing fuel, camping areas, and rest areas
  • Mapping has been field-checked by the Hema Map Patrol. 

Get inspired for your trip to K'gari with this video from Hema Maps showing the Map Patrols fieldwork for this publication <link here>


Key Specifications

Edition: 1st

Publication Date: 1/11/2023

Number of Pages: 215 (spiral bound)

Height: 297mm

Width: 215mm

Depth: 15mm

Weight: 1.34kg


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K'gari (Fraser Island) Atlas & Guide

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