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The Hema Map Patrol takes you to the Victorian High Country

Over a three-month period in 2024, we’re taking on the iconic Victorian High Country in southeast Australia in an effort to remap approximately 20,000km of back roads and tracks.

Each year our Hema Map Patrol and Alpha Teams extensively map thousands of kilometres throughout Australia to ensure travellers have the most accurate and up-to-date information at their disposal. We use the data we collect to update all our mapping products — including our digital and print maps, 4x4 Explorer app, HX-2+ Navigator and highly detailed atlases and guides — so you are prepared to explore with confidence.

This extensive fieldwork (when completed) will cover approximately 20,000km of tracks, including track classification (easy, medium, difficult, very difficult), track conditions, best time of year to go, camping and accommodation, plus POI (Points of Interest) such as waterfalls, lookouts and the historic huts in the area. 

This expedition includes editor Brendan Batty, who is currently collecting thousands of pieces of content to create Hema’s upcoming 4th Edition of our bestselling Victorian High Country Atlas & Guide (available early next year).

We’ll be sharing the highlights and challenges of our ongoing Victorian High Country fieldwork right here, along with pictures and videos, so you can see just what it takes to map all of this in intricate detail. Also check out our Hema Cloud where you can learn more about each track, and how to plan your trip.

Keep an eye out for the Hema Map Patrol and Alpha Teams if you are in the area, and don’t forget to regularly check this page and follow Hema Maps on all our social media channels to see the team’s progress. 

Never afraid of a bold new challenge, the Hema Maps team continues to push the boundaries of discovery and new adventures.

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Founded in 1983, Hema Maps has built a reputation as expert map makers in the four-wheel driving and outdoor adventure industries. With a keen focus on offroad touring, Hema has mapped more than 690,000km of tracks and 545,000km of unsealed roads throughout Australia since 1996.