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Hema HX-2 Off Road Maps

The HX-2 Off-Road maps function is the perfect tool to plan and navigate when exploring remote and off-road locations.

Plan,  track and record with confidence using the highest scaled and most detailed  map ever created by Hema. 

Hema’s award winning high definition Vector Explorer Map, is kept up tp date by the Hema Map Patrol field work teams.

Off-Road Maps

The Off-Road function leverages the all new Hema Explorer Digital Map. The offline map provides rich context for off-road and remote travelers to navigate their way off the bitumen.

Record Tracks

The ability to record, share and sync your 4WD and off-road tracks is an important part of the Off-Road function. The recording function can be synced to other devices and the Hema Cloud.

Off-Road POIs

A unique addition to the HX-2 is the inclusion of more Off-Road and Remote POIs. Included in the 100,000 POIs are a complete list of Hema verified 4WD tracks which you can locate and add reviews and pictures to.

Hema Maps Cloud

The ability to plan, share and record your adventures comes to life in the HX-2 by connecting with the Hema Maps Cloud. Connect to the Hema Maps cloud to sync seamlessly via Wi-Fi with your HX-2.

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Off-Road Map Features

Map Features:

- Road access type (permits, private, MVO, seasonal closures)

- National Parks, Nature Reserves, Conservation Areas, Forestry Areas

- Indigenous and Military Areas, Marine Parks, Heritage Sites and Homesteads/ Aboriginal Communities

- Perennial & Non-Perennial Water sources including Rivers, Streams & Lakes and Inland Water Points including pools, dams, soaks etc.

- Terrain hill shading, Snow Line, Mining area and Mine location points

Topo Features:

- Contours: Online 10m Australia Wide.

- Contours Offline - 10m TAS,VIC,NSW. 50m All other States

- Elevation, Control and Survey points.

- Buildings, Gates, Wells, Towers, Silos, Windtowers and many more.

- Sand Ridges/Dunes

4wd Track Difficulty Classification Ratings

- Easy, Medium, Difficult, Very Difficult

- 4WD Track POIs - easy access to navigate to the start of each Track

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