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Hema Cloud

Hema Maps has a cloud platform that allows users to sync their tracks, waypoints and photos between their devices.

The Hema Cloud (new cloud) is compatible with the Camper-X and 4x4 Explorer App. The new cloud can be accessed from this link.

New Hema Maps Cloud

The Hema Explorer Cloud (old cloud) is compatible with the HX-1 and Explorer App. The old cloud can be accessed from this link.

Old Hema Explorer Cloud

The reason there is two clouds is that the old cloud was built on technology that is now very dated and is not compatible with the new Hema Digital Platform that all Hema's digital products released over the last 12 months is built on.

The new platform is built using the new Hema Digital Map which allows significant improvements in data quality, load speed, file size and capability for our online and app based digital products. The new map is undergoing further refinement to improve the styling of the map and underlying data to be even more functional. 

The new Hema Digital Platform is a true multi-platform system built around the Hema Digital Map for functionality, but centered around the concept of a Hema Maps account which will enable you to manage your account information, provide data storage and unlock more features. 

Over the coming months there will be more products to connect to your new Hema Maps account (for the new cloud) allowing users to sync their data, subscriptions and information.

At present, GPX files can be downloaded individually to transfer tracks from the old cloud to the new cloud. However, over the next few weeks we will be releasing some tools to assist with the automated transfer from the old cloud to the new cloud. As a matter of course we would encourage users on both the old and new cloud to back-up their data to a local storage device.