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Main Range National Park - SE QLD

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Situated within the Scenic Rim and over an hour’s drive out of Brisbane, the park is a part of the most extensive area of subtropical rainforest in the world. Listed as a World Heritage Site under the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, Main Range amazingly plays host to some of the same plant life that existed over 180 million years ago.

This deep rainforest layers the terrain of the park, with tracks cutting through that probably won’t challenge most experienced four-wheel drivers’ skillset. However, what Main Range lacks in heart pounding driving it more than makes up for in natural significance and scenic beauty. The unusual peaks of the park’s escarpment are a result of a now dormant volcano that played a part in creating the Scenic Rim. These peaks and troughs make Main Range perfect for bushwalking, with walks of various lengths and difficulty levels littering the area in a way that there is something for everyone.

A distinct highlight of the park is Queen Mary Falls in the south, a 40-metre plunge waterfall that is given life by a tributary to the Condamine River. Nearby is Wilson’s Peak, with access coming via the Condamine Gorge Track after a visit to the many falls near Killarney. The walking track to the peak runs along the rabbit fence originally constructed in the 1880s, with the challenging walk to the peak paying dividends as views extend out over the entire range as you straddle the NSW–QLD border.

Campsites and picnic areas are available at regular intervals within the park, making Main Range an ideal escape close to Brisbane. With scenic wonder and enough natural highlights to explore for days at a time, it is a pleasure to visit the park for anything from a short day trip to an extended cabin stay in the one of the region’s caravan parks.


LOCATION: 100km southwest of Brisbane. 

ACCOMMODATION: Caravan parks and cabins at Queen Mary Falls and Killarney; camping areas with composting toilets and tap water; remote bush camps for walkers.

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  • Steve Bedford: May 17, 2023

    Hi, just letting you know that the Glen Rock State Forest will be added to the Main Range National Park as per a ministerial statement by the Qld Environment Minister in October 2021, cheers.

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