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7 Awesome Bush Camps Of NSW

Have you ever had the urge to hit the tracks in search of a real bush camping adventure? To strip things back to basics and find that inner peace you’ve been longing for? Well, here’s your chance! From pristine waters of the mid-north coast to the vast open vantage points of the west New South Wales, here’s our pick of the most inspiring bush camps in New South Wales.


Watagan Mountain, NSW

Now this is one heck of a place to lock in your hubs and explore the best of the bush. Waterfalls and spectacular views are what you can expect from this little beauty, and if you’re after a bit of low range action; this place has it in spades!


Pebbly Beach Yuraygir NP, NSW

You’ll find the pinnacle of beach camping in NSW is nestled right here between two jaw dropping headlands. This private little beach setting is littered with colourful pebbles that shimmer in the sun making for an awesome sight as you laze around in the hammock. The surf is great, the fishing’s even better and you can tackle the parks coastal walking track too, which covers over 80km of premium, untouched coast.


Eldee Station, Broken Hill, NSW

For a taste of the true NSW outback, Eldee Station is the place to be. Make your way up one of the many hills, crack a coldie and prepare to be blown away at just how spectacular the sunsets here are as they light up the beautifully vast Mundi Mundi Plains. Oh, and there have been a few meteorite crash landings out here, which makes for some very interesting exploring.


Barrington Tops NP, NSW

For the perfect blend of old-school bush camping and natural attractions, it’s time to visit the world Heritage-listed rainforests of Barrington Tops National Park. This is the place to immerse yourself in nature, especially if you like alpine environments and using your own two feet to explore the unknown. Yep, this place is a bush walker’s paradise. Check out the pristine waterfalls and swimming holes during the summer, or experience one of the most colourful displays of wild flowers during Spring.


Abercrombie NP, NSW

Often forgotten yet incredibly amazing in its own right, this is the kind of place dreams are made of. The steep hills around here mean you’ll need low-range and a real sense of adventure, but the rewards are nothing short of spectacular. Think incredible views, premium riverside camping and an atmosphere that really promotes that relaxed camping experience.


Bridle Track, Hill End, NSW

Now this is a place carved straight out of the history books! Just out of the historic town of Hill End you’ll find an awesome array of bush camps right along the Macquarie River. The fishing’s great, the dog's allowed and there’s plenty of firewood around to cook up some good old bush tucker too. If that doesn’t work, pop back into town and grab yourself one of the best sausage rolls or pies around.


Kinchega NP, NSW Outback

Right in the heart of the New South Wales outback you’ll find an experience like no other. Aboriginal history runs deep through this region, and be sure to check out the historic sheering shed which is utterly fascinating to say the least. The Darling River winds its way through here providing some truly relaxing campsites too.


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