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World-first inbuilt Hema Maps navigation software included in MY24 Nissan Patrol range

The MY24 Nissan Patrol range is here and, with the addition of the Directed Technologies multimedia system, includes a world-first development for Hema Maps: a new vehicle in-dash solution with dedicated Hema Maps GPS navigator software, powered by HemaX Digital (HXD), built in.

The built in multimedia system, standard in the new Nissan Patrol, features the HXD software which powers the market leading Hema Maps GPS devices and is the first time this is available as a standard option for owners of a brand new vehicle.  

Hema Maps HXD-N MY24 Nissan Patrol

Nissan Australia is one of Australia’s leading 4WD manufacturers and along with Directed Technologies, Hema Maps is proud to support the announcement that the new MY24 Nissan Patrol models include the first appearance of a Hema Maps navigation app embedded into the dash: the HXD-N. 

This product features all the same functionalities as the other popular Hema Maps branded navigators, including the recent Hema Maps HX-2+, with the added bonus of being available to access via the dash. This in-dash capability has been a highly anticipated development for Hema Maps and its customers. 

Hema Group GM Of Product and Chief Explorer Rob Boegheim said, “When we explored the Simpson Desert in the original Nissan ‘Map Patrol’ in 2001, I imagined that one day our maps would be built into the car. Today that day has arrived, thanks to all the vision and hard work from our team over two decades and our partners, Directed Technologies and HemaX Digital.” 


Hema Maps Nissan Patrol


Hema Maps has been developing its GPS technology since 1996, and the Hema Map Patrol team has mapped more than 700,000km of tracks and 550,000km of unsealed roads throughout Australia. 

With the HXD-N software embedded in the dash and ready to go, users can enjoy easy access to on and offroad mapping and guidance technology, powered by HemaX Digital. Users can also connect to the Hema Maps Cloud to update maps and access software updates, as well downloading the latest Hema Maps’ iconic Adventure Maps for popular offroad touring regions.

All MY24 Nissan Patrol customers will receive a one-month free subscription to the Hema Maps HXD-N GPS Navigator with the ability to purchase a three-year subscription for $349 from the Hema Maps Cloud.


Hema Maps HXD-N MY24 Nissan Patrol


MY24 Nissan Patrol updates

The inclusion of the HXD-N is just one of the exciting updates that has been included in the MY24 Nissan Patrol. This range has introduced a number of significant technology upgrades, all aimed at improving the overall cabin experience, whether on the road or off it. 

Nissan Australia partnered with Australian automotive supplier Directed Technologies to reimagine the Nissan Patrol’s infotainment system and include a new 10.1in high-definition central touchscreen, which includes wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto and DAB+ digital radio.

This infotainment system also unlocks a host of new functionality, including a new full HD wide angle reversing camera, iGO Street navigation and the new Hema HXD-N GPS navigation software from HemaX Digital. 


Hema Maps HXD-N MY24 Nissan Patrol


Twin USB ports (A and C) and a new 15W wireless smartphone charging pocket (compatible devices required) will ensure users' devices are always charged and ready to go. 

The Nissan Patrol is well-known for its comfort level and the MY24 does not disappoint, with the addition of the front-row centre cool box to the Ti specification. And there’s room for the whole crew of adventurers, with the MY24 Ti model seating eight people and the Ti-L seating seven. 

A number of Nissan’s tried-and-true features have carried over to the MY24 Nissan Patrol models, including the Intelligent 4X4 with electronic 4WD selection, a rear Helical limited-slip differential, Hydraulic Body Motion Control suspension (HBMC) and 3.5T braked towing capacity. 

The 2024 Nissan Patrol range will be offered in the Ti and Ti-L grades as well as the flagship Patrol Warrior by Premcar and remains powered by Nissan’s 5.6L V6 patrol engine, with 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque, which is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission with manual mode and Adaptive Shift Control (ASC).

Directed Technologies executive director Brent Stafford said, “Directed Technologies is proud to be delivering Nissan the only multimedia device designed in Australia. Our homegrown expertise ensures the new cutting-edge upgrades will respond to rugged Australian conditions that are often driven by Nissan Patrol and Nissan Patrol Warrior owners.” 

The MY24 Nissan Patrol Ti is priced as MSRP $87,990*, while the MY24 Nissan Patrol Ti-L is MSRP $100,600*

For more information about the MY24 Nissan Patrol models and the full list of new inclusions, click here.

*Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) are provided for media purposes only and do not include premium paint, statutory charges or other on-road costs

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