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Getabout 4WD Training - Chat with John Eggenhuizen

John and Julie started Getabout tours and training over 28 years ago. They were driven by a love of the outdoors and all that touring Australia has to offer plus a willingness to share their knowledge so others could safely do the same. They introduced Tow-Ed into the business in the mid-2000s. Tow-Ed was formed to train people on how to tow caravans.

Their services are offered nationally, and the business is in its second generation with John’s son Carl now running the business. We caught up with John at the recent 4X4 Show in Sydney and asked him a few questions. Despite handing over the reins of the business, John and Julie are still very much a part of the business. They say working for their son Carl is busier than ever!

What's your favourite piece of kit which has been developed in the last 20 years?

We promote and train people on how to use our MaxTrax or tread boards as recovery tools. It has transformed recovery for us. It's easier to teach and it's significantly safer to do a recovery. Eliminating the risk has been paramount. In terms of risk management using tread-boards is a much safer way to recover a vehicle. Snatch straps are the most dangerous item to use for a recovery. With the stress on vehicles, the energy that is in the strap and the way it is connected to a vehicle, there is a lot that can go wrong and when it does it can have catastrophic results.

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Using tread boards is a much safer proposition in vehicle recovery. If a vehicle gets stuck, the MaxTrax is the first thing we go for. It's amazing how useful across all sorts of terrain, from sand to mud to rocks - that the tread-board will get you out of. Particularly if you're on your own, it's an invaluable tool. As mentioned, tread-boards have revolutionised how we teach and go about a recovery.

Where is your favourite touring destination?

It's always been a toss-up between the Victorian High Country and the Kimberley for me. The High Country is a fabulous mix of great 4wd-driving, coupled with the stunning alps scenery and the history there. Including the “Man from Snowy River '' history, the myriad of old huts and crystal-clear streams full of melted snow. Plenty of great campaign spots as well.

The Kimberley? Well, it's in your face spectacular scenery at every turn. It's wild and remote. We were lucky in 2019 as we explored the Carson River track (The track starts at Home Valley Station Gibb River Road, Kununurra WA), a track we’d known about for many years but never had the opportunity to drive. Absolutely spectacular. The scenery was mind-blowing. It’s 400 km of the hardest and most challenging driving you can do but incredibly worthwhile doing. It's not for the faint of heart or the unprepared.

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What’s Your favourite 4WD?

We’re running Ford Rangers at the moment. They’ve become the mainstay with six on the fleet at the moment. There is a great range of accessories for them. They have given us great reliability and are comfortable to travel long or short distances in.

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