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Hema Introduces You To The Ford Rangerettes

Tell us about the Ford Rangerettes Official …

Ford Rangerettes Official is a women-only Ford Ranger group boasting more than 3200 members across Australia and 100 members internationally. Membership is open to women who either own a Ford Ranger or have a Ford Ranger in the family. We started as an Australian group but recently we have seen a massive international interest with women joining from Canada, the USA, South America, Asia, UK and New Zealand.

Our members come from all over the country and all working sectors including lawyers, retail workers, veterinarians, librarians, stay-at-home mums, police officers, military, FIFO workers, hairdressers and more.  We cater to horse lovers who tow floats, caravan travellers, and fishing fans. 

We have a private members group on Facebook where women get to talk about anything and everything to do with their Ford Rangers. Due to popular social media demand, the group has expanded to include women Ford Everest owners. 

We also offer discounts on everything from camping to fishing to aftermarket mods and club merchandise. 

When did Ford Rangerettes Official form and what was the motivation?

Ford Rangerettes Official was formed in August 2018, to educate and empower women in the 4x4 scene and enjoy our common interest in Ford Rangers.

It provides a friendly, non-judgmental and safe environment for members to talk about everything Ford Ranger and 4x4 in what has historically been a male-driven industry and social scene.

Whether from the city or the bush, an experienced mechanic, 4x4 enthusiast, or those starting out on their first Ford Ranger or Ford Everest experience, our members come together to encourage and support each other and have a little fun along the way.

What kinds of activities do the Rangerettes enjoy?

Aside from the usual off-roading days and camping trips, we plan in each State and Territory across Australia, Ford Rangerette Official members are hugely active in all kinds of community projects. 

Over the past four years, we have been regular guests at numerous camping and 4x4 shows as well as industry open days.

We recently returned from Victoria where we spent three amazing days with Ford Australia, testing all the new Next Gen Ford Rangers. We had the opportunity to network with various influencers while putting the Rangers through some challenging terrain. 

Our first experience at event fundraising was helping the October 2019 4x4 Pink Run to raise much-needed funds for those fighting breast cancer. 

In November 2019, Stanthorpe and Warwick in Qld were hit with a crippling drought and our Ford Rangerette Officials members asked if we could create a fundraising machine. This became the start of our ‘Fill our Utes for …’ campaigning. 

Fill our Utes for Farmers saw some serious fundraising happen in a short few weeks. We liaised with other drought organisations to identify some of the worst-hit families who didn’t qualify for government support as they were considered too small. We were given the details of 13 families who owned large-scale hobby farms between both townships. Twenty Ford Rangers (and a few other amazing volunteers such as Can’t Fault it 4x4 and Weekend Runners 4x4) loaded up with more than 21 tonnes of supplies including drinking water, stock feed, pantry and freezer food, fresh meat, Christmas presents, new work boots, medications and even a few cartons of beer. 

Fill our Utes for flood support 2022 saw us jumping in to help local businesses in Ipswich Qld and Lismore NSW and several of our members who lost homes and businesses. Our members rolled up their sleeves and got the gumboots out to help their club sisters in need. 

This year sees Ford Rangerettes Official rolling out educational workshops under the ‘4x4 Chicks that Fix’ banner for all women who have an interest in four-wheel driving, expanding their mechanical knowledge or fitting their own aftermarket modifications. 

What should someone expect if they join the Rangerettes? Where should they start?

Each Ford Rangerette Official member has their own, unique journey into the world of 4x4ing. Becoming a Ford Rangerette means joining a supportive group of women where you can feel safe asking anything Ute or 4x4 related, and confident that you have access to a large group of members and shared experiences from newbies to seasoned off-roaders. You will have an instant group of friends who love an adventure, whether it’s in the bush, on the beach, or out at sea, there’s always something fun being planned.

Anyone interested in joining Ford Rangerette Official, our sister group Everest off-roaders Official or 4X4 Chicks that Fix can check us out on our three public socials. We have public Instagram and Facebook pages for all three. You can find our Ford Rangerettes Official members group by searching groups on Facebook. Our website is 

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  • Jane Cartwright : September 13, 2022

    Thanks for supporting women in the 4×4 scene Hema!

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