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Learn how to safely travel by 4WD in Outback Australia


Unfortunately, there have been many recent tragedies involved with 4WD accidents in Regional Australia. In the last week alone, there has been a number of people passed away in the Victorian High Country through 4WD accidents.

Many of our Hema community have been seeking our advice as to how to access high quality 4WD training and on how they can improve their skills so as to reduce the risks associated with travelling in outback and regional Australia.

For over 30 years, Hema through its field work team known as the ‘Map Patrol’ has been exploring and mapping Australia to provide the best quality navigation products for regional Australia. Whether it's traversing the Simpson Desert or climbing Mount Kosciuszko we’ve been there and got the scars to prove it. Through its work the ‘Map Patrol’ has built up a strong organisational knowledge on areas such as; planning for a trip, fitting out your vehicle, remote navigation and communication, driving in variable conditions (water crossings, sand, etc…) and off-road recovery.

Through our map products and weekly newsletter, we share as much of this advice as possible with our community. However, we feel that there is nothing like face-to-face instruction for the learning to really sink in. Therefore, Hema has been working with two of the best 4WD training providers in Australia, Adventures Offroad Training and Adrenaline Offroad Centre to design Hema accredited 4WD courses and tours which will suit the requirements of our community. Both these companies are very experienced operators, who use high quality equipment and provide a supportive and sociable experience for those lucky enough to be on their courses.

At this stage, we are proposing to offer four very different and interesting experiences throughout 2022 as follows:

15-18 April 2022 - WA Outback Experience 4WD and Camping Course (WA)

21-22 May 2022 - Tag Along Tour Hill End & Bridle Track Camping Weekend (NSW)

14-22 August 2022 - Tag Along Tour – Cape York (QLD)

15-18 November 2022 - WA Coastal Experience 4WD and Camping Course (WA)

If you are free for over these periods we’d encourage you to enroll in these courses which will enable you to improve your 4WD skills in a controlled and friendly environment. However, please note these are small group tours and spots are limited.

We are looking to expand this offering further and you can keep up to date with the latest tours at


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