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Vehicle Upgrade Review: Aerpro Multimedia Head Unit and AMHXD3


If you love your vehicle but it doesn’t have the latest in-car technology of the newer models, the Aerpro Multimedia Receiver head unit is a great solution to get Apple CarPlay/Android Auto functionality in a 9in or 10in screen.

Aerpro AMHXD3 Navigation Module
Image credit: John Ford

Melbourne-based Aerpro supplies major retailers with automotive, car audio and car audio installation accessories, as well as a range of connectivity products.

Aerpro's Head Unit Upgrade Kits are available in 35 different vehicle models including popular models such as the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Patrol and Toyota LandCruiser.

Kits come supplied with a large screen multimedia receiver head unit display and all the parts required to complete the installation including a vehicle-specific facia kit, wiring harness and mounting hardware. The kits retain important vehicle features such as steering wheel controls, USB ports, factory amplifiers and factory reverse cameras (if equipped).

Hema Maps

Aerpro head units can be combined with Hema Maps’ AMHXD3 On-Road and Off-Road Navigation Module (available separately) giving you Hema's latest HX-2 mapping technology and maps available as a ‘plug and play’.

Optimised for Aerpro multimedia receivers and compatible with various aftermarket head units, the AMHXD3 simply connects via the Apple CarPlay USB port. Experience turn-by-turn street navigation provided by HERE Technologies and Hema Maps’ award-winning offroad navigation and track information including over 100,000 Hema-verified moderated listings with more than 40,000 points of interest including campsites, caravan parks and other touring attractions.

Installing an Aerpro

Caravan World magazine Editor-at-Large John Ford installed an Aerpro AMTO43 head unit into his 2012 200 GX LandCruiser before setting off on an extended outback trip earlier this year.

While John was pretty happy with his decision to swap his trusty 100 Series LandCruiser for a pristine and very stock 200 Series GX model from 2012, the sound system was far from concert hall quality.

Aerpro Multimedia Receiver - Apple Carplay/Android Auto head unit

When Aerpro and Hema suggested he try the new Aerpro AMTO43 head unit matched to a Hema AMHXD3 GPS and map combination it seemed like the right thing to do, even if it meant giving up on playing CDs on the long runs between towns.

Although John was a bit worried about how easy it would be to swap to a big 10in display and what it would look like in the dash, Aerpro kits are available in 35 different vehicle makes and models including LandCruisers.


The Aerpro AMTO43 head unit is a multimedia receiver with wireless and wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Bluetooth and USB so you can use your phone hands-free, stream your music or listen to the radio on the AM/FM tuner. Output is four channels at 40W, and an eight-band graphic equaliser so John was able to add quality sound that included rear speakers missing from the basic Toyota setup. There’s also an input for a reversing camera.

John called on the help of Ryan from 4x4 Accessory Fitting to do the installation however it is a relatively easy process for those who are handy with the tools.

Rear camera

Because he uses his 200 for towing, John decided that a rear camera was essential. He sourced one locally and hooked it to the number plate bracket on the rear door. He found a reverse light wire in the passenger side trim in the cargo space for power and ran the lead wires back under the sill trims to the head unit. The rear camera view is easy to see, and it loads quickly when shifting to reverse gear.

As the images here show, the difference to the look of the dash is remarkable. The big 10in screen looks modern and spicy in comparison to the stock radio, and the sound improved 10-fold with good separation of channels and a crisp quality. Radio reception is good, and the system picks up available stations quickly and stores up to 18 on FM and 12 on AM band.

Before:Aerpro AMHXD3 Navigation Module Hema MapsImage credit: John Ford

After: Aerpro AMHXD3 Navigation Module Hema Maps
Image credit: John Ford

Switching from sound to Hema’s maps is simple and the quality of the large screen is impressive.

The Aerpro Multimedia Receiver - Apple CarPlay/Android Auto head unit retails at $1,499.99. For further information including vehicle compatibility visit the website:

Aerpro Multimedia Receiver - Apple CarPlay/Android Auto head unit – Hema Maps Online Shop

The AMHXD3 On-Road/Off-Road Navigation Module is available separately at $799, available here:

AMHXD3 - On-Road/Off-Road Navigation Module – Hema Maps Online Shop


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