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Silo Art Ultimate Guide: A great Mother’s Day gift


For travelling art-loving mums, there’s no better gift this Mother’s Day than the latest edition of the Silo Art Ultimate Guide — a state-by-state guide of the amazing murals painted on silos, water towers and other structures in country towns across Australia.


Silo Art Ultimate Guide Hema Maps


The first silos to be painted in Australia were in Northam, in the Western Australian wheatbelt in March 2015. It was a pilot project by non-profit cultural group FORM which wanted to bring art to rural communities. They were painted by internationally renowned street artists Phlegm (UK) and HENSE (USA). It was such a success that a full trail of six art silos was planned, linking rural and coastal towns across Western Australia’s southern regions. 

In Victoria’s Wimmera Mallee region, a similar idea was conceived in 2016 after the success of the first silo artwork in Brim. What started as a small community project by the Brim Active Community Group, GrainCorp, Juddy Roller and artist, Guido van Helten resulted in widespread international media attention.

From there, it took off and today the Australian Silo Art Trail (ASAT) stretches more than 8500km across 62 locations beginning in Northam, WA, and ending in Three Moon, Qld. The 63rd location at Lameroo, SA, is almost complete. 

The silo at Fyansford outside Geelong, Vic, by artist Rone stood from December 2017 to April 2020, but unfortunately had to be demolished because of the structural integrity of the concrete.


Silo Art Ultimate Guide Hema Maps


Inspiration for the guide

In March 2018, Annette and Eric Green set off on a typical Australian road trip. During their journey through the scenic Wheatbelt of WA, they stumbled upon a striking, geometric banksia mural painted by Dutch street artist Amok Island on the silos of Ravensthorpe. This vibrant artwork ignited a passion within the Greens, turning their casual journey into a mission to explore the expansive tapestry of silo artworks scattered throughout the Australian outback.
Travelling in their trust Toyota Coaster minibus, Annette and Eric realised the absence of a comprehensive resource to locate these stunning artworks. Motivated by the same spirit that sparked their journey, they took action. 

Annette launched a Facebook page as a community hub where travellers could share insights, photos and their experiences, reflecting the widespread fascination with these art installations. The page quickly gained popularity, highlighting the collective appeal of the artworks and the clear need for a more organised guide.

The Australian Silo Art Trail (ASAT) website was born in 2019 — a treasure trove, documenting the intricate tales and vivid imagery of every known silo artwork in Australia.

Dunedoo Silo Art

Dunedoo Silo Art

With more than 2.7 million views, the website’s interactive map details more than 250 art listings, from silo art murals to water towers, street art towns and a myriad of other tourist attractions. Each art piece is complemented with its unique back story and stunning photographs, inviting travellers into a world where art and nature converge.

Evolving from a modest A5 stapled booklet, the Silo Art Ultimate Guide is now a substantial spiral bound coffee table book which showcases all silo and water tower art, along with other hidden artistic treasures across the country. All profits from the guide are reinvested into maintaining and updating the organisation’s data to support the growing movement.
Annette has personally visited and photographed the majority of the art listings. In cases where she couldn’t visit, images have been sourced from the enthusiastic photographers and travellers who contribute to the Facebook group.

What started as a modest endeavour to assist fellow travellers has blossomed into a thriving business. 

Today, the Greens are not just retired wanderers but revered curators of a national art expedition, with a dedicated team ensuring that the enchanting dance between art and the Australian landscape is accessible to all.

Annette said there is significant anecdotal evidence that the Silo Art Trail has greatly enhanced tourism and the economies of small, rural Australian towns.

“Numerous towns report increased visitor numbers, boosting business for local cafes, shops, and accommodation,” she said. “The presence of silo art often revitalises these towns, encouraging visitors to extend their stays and make return trips.”

Does she have a favourite silo?

“How could you pick a favourite child?” she said. “They are all beautiful and each has a fascinating story to tell.”

Walpeup Annette Silo Art Ultimate Guide Hema Maps

Walpeup Annette Silo Art


Mother’s Day gift


The Silo Art Ultimate Guide is a unique and thoughtful gift idea for the amazing mum in your life and a great way to thank her for everything she does. Priced at $69.95 the new edition of the Silo Art Ultimate Guide is now available from the Hema Maps website just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday 12 May. It is also available from retail outlets nationwide.

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