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Over the past 10 years, Hema Maps has delivered market leading digital maps and navigation products through its range of navigators and digital apps. From the very first HN-1 through to the all new 4x4 Explorer App, Hema has been trusted by our customers to offer new and innovative products to help plan and navigate their journeys into remote and regional Australia.

In October 2020, the first of a new breed of Hema digital products was released, the Hema 4x4 Explorer App for Apple & Android devices. This new app utilises a state of the art technology platform and leverages a new mapping experience, the Hema Digital Map. 

We hope the following provides a concise summary of the updates to our product mix and the road map for future Hema digital products for the coming months.

Explorer Platform

The Explorer Platform has, and continues to be, a valuable source of navigation and exploration inspiration for thousands of users who have downloaded the Hema Explorer apps, subscribed to Explorer Pro map packs or registered on the Explorer Cloud. 

Unfortunately, the technology that the Explorer Platform no longer meets the requirements of the major app stores to enable us to continue to develop and enhance the Explorer products. As a result, we will no longer be offering the Explorer App for sale on the App Stores as of February 5, 2021. Hema will be working with its Explorer customers on the transition to the new platform.

As part of this transition, we highly recommend users backup their existing data and photos to a local storage device.

New Hema Digital Platform 

The new Hema Digital Platform has been in development for a number of years as we look to revolutionise the way we provide maps, data and navigation products to our customers. 

The new platform is built using the new Hema Digital Map which allows significant improvements in data quality, load speed, file size and capability for our online and app based digital products. The new map is undergoing further refinement to improve the styling of the map and underlying data to be even more functional. 

The new Hema Digital Platform is a true multi-platform system built around the Hema Digital Map for functionality, but centered around the concept of a Hema Maps account which will enable you to manage your account information, provide data storage and unlock more features. The Hema Digital products released to date are:

  • 4x4 Explorer App (Google/Android)
  • 4x4 Explorer App (Apple/iOS)
  • CAMPERX App (Google/Android)
  • CAMPERX App (Apple/iOS)
  • website

Over the coming months there will be more products to connect to your new Hema Maps account allowing users to sync their data, subscriptions and information.


Why not upgrade the old Explorer to the new Hema Cloud?

The new Hema Cloud technology is not compatible with the old Explorer systems. As a result, the decision was made to allow existing users to continue to use their existing Explorer products while launching the new systems in parallel rather than forcing consumers from the old system to the new platform. 


Future Releases

Since launching the 4x4 Explorer app in October, we have released a number of updates on the new product as we take on more feedback from customers to help continually improve the app. 

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing some further tools to assist with the transfer from the old cloud to the new cloud.

We really appreciate your patience during this migration period. The new platform offers us more flexibility, reliability, security and a better platform to display our wonderful maps.


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