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The Slow Road Cookbook

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Embark on a culinary journey and a slower-paced life with "The Slow Road Cookbook" by Kirianna Poole. Opting for the simple joys of life, Kirianna, accompanied by her husband and three children, traded suburbia for a five-year adventure in a vintage Kombi. In this cookbook, she shares the magic of slow travel and crafting simple, hearty recipes that transform outdoor cooking into a memorable experience.

Rooted in her Māori upbringing in New Zealand, Kirianna's recipes reflect global flavours she's savoured and timeless camping classics from the Australian bush. With over 80 recipes spanning meat, chicken, seafood, desserts, breakfasts, and even cocktails, this cookbook is a treasure trove for families seeking a more deliberate and connected way of living. Whether simmering on a small van burner or sizzling over a campfire, these recipes redefine outdoor dining.

"The Slow Road Cookbook" goes beyond food; it encapsulates the essence of a life well-lived, emphasising deeper connections with nature, loved ones, and oneself. With a baby strapped to her chest and two adventurous kids at her side, Kirianna invites families to savour the simplicity of a slower-paced existence while relishing the richness of wholesome, delicious meals on the road.


Key Features

  • Outdoor Culinary Magic: Discover over 80 simple, hearty recipes perfect for outdoor cooking, inspired by Kirianna's Māori upbringing, global flavors, and timeless Aussie camping classics.
  • Diverse Recipe Range: The cookbook spans meat, chicken, seafood, desserts, breakfasts, and cocktails, providing a rich array of options for families seeking a more deliberate and connected approach to outdoor dining.
  • Culinary Heritage: Rooted in Kirianna's culinary education in her Dad's restaurants, the cookbook reflects her belief that good food is the foundation of extraordinary family adventures.
  • Simple Living: Beyond food, "The Slow Road Cookbook" is an invitation to embrace a slower-paced life, fostering deeper connections with nature, family, and oneself.
  • Family-Centric: With a baby strapped to her chest and barefooted kids exploring Kirianna's cookbook is tailored for families craving simplicity and richness in their outdoor experiences.

Key Specifications

Edition: 1st

Publication Date: 01/11/23

Number of Pages: 280 (perfect bound)

Height: 241mm

Width: 176mm

Depth: 25mm

Weight: 0.675kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Best Camping Book!!

This is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. From the inspiring photography to the delicious recipes, it has to be my new turn to camping companion. I just cooked the camp oven steamed pudding and it was to die for!

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