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4x4 Explorer App

Hema Maps 4x4 Explorer App New Product
Hema Maps 4x4 Explorer App 

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Hema Maps 4x4 Explorer App

The 4x4 Explorer App is the first of the new generation of digital products to be released by Hema Maps to empower adventurers to get out and explore all corners of Australia.

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Hema 4x4 Explorer Features - Mapping & Navigation

  • Navigate with confidence with Australia's best multi-scale topographic mapping from Hema Maps.
  • Travel with confidence with offline capability for mapping and track conditions in remote areas.
  • Perfect off-road navigation tool with GPS tracking and highly accurate track information.
  • Australia-wide 4WD map coverage with comprehensive 4x4 tracks and trails.
  • Satellite and Hybrid maps available from Mapbox with option to add more map layers.
  • Explore over 690,000kms of 4WD tracks and 545,000km of unsealed roads featured on the Hema Map.
  • Fully integrated Here on-road / street data to allow you to plot your trip from your home to the most remote destinations.
  • Download offline maps and map layers to your phone to navigate in areas without wifi or cellular coverage.
  • Search for tracks, places and locations by name or by town.
Within the new 4x4 Explorer App there are five different map layers as follows:
    • Hema X Lite - simple map which has comprehensive on-road coverage provided by Open Street Map (OSM). This is available online and offline in the app.

    4x4 Explorer App Map HemaX Lite Map Style

    • Hema Touring Map - more detailed map which has a combination of on-road and off-road coverage but reduced topographic features. The on-road coverage is provided by HERE and this is available online and offline in the app.

    4x4 Explorer App Map Hema Touring Map Style

    • Premium Explorer Map - Hema’s complete topographic map with comprehensive on-road and off-road coverage plus complete Hema styling and attribution. This is available as part of the app for online use. Offline use can be accessed via subscription.

    4x4 Explorer App Map Hema Premium Map Style

    • Mapbox Satellite Map - Satellite coverage of Australia and is only available online and is included as part of the base App purchase.

    4x4 Explorer App Map Hema Satellite Map Style

    • Mapbox Hybrid Satellite Map - Combination of Mapbox Satellite coverage of Australia combined with OSM road and locality data. This is only available online and is included as part of the base App purchase.

    4x4 Explorer App Map Hema Hybrid Satellite Map Style


    (Image: Hema Maps 4x4 Explorer App Overview.)

    Hema 4x4 Explorer Features - Trips. Destinations & POIs

    • Access over 100,000+ points of interest (POI) including 40,000 Hema verified campsites, caravans parks, dump points, lookouts, national parks and much more.
    • POIs have access to detailed descriptions, photos (online), reviews and navigation support.
    • User generated content moderated by HemaX.
    • Route trips and tracks pre-trip using the Hema Maps Cloud or on the road with intuitive routing engine.
    • Generate routes to a POI, address or waypoint.
    • Log your trips with accurate track recording, geotag photos along the way, save waypoints and trip notes.
    • Sync all your offline app data to the Hema Maps Cloud when you’re connected to the internet to allow you to store, edit and share your trip.
    • Share your trips (before, during or after) with friends and family.

      4x4 Explorer App Hema Cloud

      Hema 4x4 Explorer Features - my Hema Maps Cloud account

      • All 4X4 Explorer Apps can be connected to a Hema Maps Cloud account to unlock more features and sharing options.
      • Within your Hema Maps Cloud account you can update your user profile, build trip plans, save tracks and sync across all your Hema Maps Cloud products.
      • Share your location with friends from the My Location page or identify your exact GPS coordinates.
      • Upgrade your subscriptions to unlock more trips, tracks and map content.

      Hema 4x4 Explorer Subscription Options

      Within your Hema 4x4 Explorer App you are granted access to a Free Subscription which includes:

      • Hema Explorer Map (Online Only)
      • Hema Touring Map (Offline)
      • Mapbox Hybrid Map
      • Mapbox Satellite Map

      You can gain access to more maps, detailed information and more data with an Explorer Pro subscription. You can also purchase products within the app, including your favourite offline maps from Hema.

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