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The Ultimate Big Lap bundle

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SKU The ulitmate Big Lap bundle 2024

The Ultimate Big Lap bundle

Planning on doing the Big Lap with kids? Grab this bundle deal to create the ultimate, once in a lifetime, experience for you and your children!


The Big Lap Bible

The Big Lap Bible is the ultimate guide, planner, tracker and discount book for the biggest road trip of your life! Split into several handy sections, this well-presented book provides the information travellers need to experience the best of Australia.

In a collaboration between seasoned travellers, local area experts and tourism agencies, the Big Lap Bible combines information, tips, tricks and local secrets from the people in the know. This extensively researched book is a compendium of handpicked must-sees, must-dos and must-knows that allows travellers to experience Australia in a way other guidebooks do not.

Plus, to help travellers pre, during and post their Big Lap, the fill-in-able planning, tracking and memory pages make the Big Lap Bible the essential travel companion. As an added bonus, the Big Lap Bible comes with 12-month access to the Livin’ Barry discount platform (worth $60), allowing travellers to save money on the road too!

 Key Features

  • Section 1: How To Plan Your Lap + What You Need To Know. Plus, QR codes linking to more extensive information and planning pages
  • Section 2: Australia’s Region Guides – must-dos, must-sees, must-stays and local secrets and hidden gems in every area of Australia. Plus regional map for each area.
  • Section 3: Discounts! Over 300 discounts for Attractions, Accommodation & Car/Van stuff (accessible for a full 12 months from purchase via our Livin' Barry discount platform)
  • Section 4: Your Fill-in-able Planners
  • Section 5: Your Fill-in-able Trackers
  • Section 6: Your Fill-in-able Travel Diary


The Kids' Lap Bible: More Than Just a Fun Book

The Kids’ Lap Bible is the ultimate travel guide, planner and activity book for children travelling Australia; showcasing the incredible things Australia has to offer for travelling families over 130+ beautifully illustrated pages. As the Kids’ Lap Bible as their guide, children will discover the things they want to see and do on their lap so they can be involved in the planning too!

Designed as the little companion to the Big Lap Bible, this wonderful guide goes a long way to supporting children to understand what life on the road looks like. Change can be daunting for children (no matter how exciting the prospect may be) and the Kids Lap Bible allows children to build their excitement, quell fears of the unknown and instils a sense of calm and control as they visualise what their new adventure will look like for them.

Section 1: All About Australia

The first section of this guide is all about the things you’ll see on your travels broken down into 10 key categories. Kids can use this section to discover the kinds of activities they might get up to and the types of things they want to do on their trip. From the best kid-friendly attractions to the most epic places to swim.

Section 2: States & Territories

Next, learn all about each state or territory and begin to understand the locations of the best things to do. At the end of each section, there’s a fill-in-able bucket list that kids can fill in before (or during) their lap and check off as they go.

Section 3: Things To Do Before You Go

There’s lots to be done before you head out on a Big Lap and this planning section allows kids to get in on the pre-Lap planning fun. They can use these pages to make their own plan before they set off. This section is also great for instilling a sense of understanding of the trip and restoring a sense of calm when it comes to the big (but exciting) changes that are ahead.

Section 4: Keeping Busy On The Road

While there’s so much fun stuff to do on the Big Lap – let’s face it, getting to the fun stuff can be a little bit boring for little ones. So, in this section, you’ll find lots of things to do to keep kids entertained on long drives.

Section 5: Bucket Lists & Checklists

This section includes a scavenger hunt of things to find all around Australia, Big Lap Accomplishments to complete, and a big bucket list that kids can fill in before or on their journey.

Section 6: Learning Journey

Kids learn a lot about Australia on the Big Lap. This section helps them put everything they’ve learned in the one place and encourages them to approach each new place with a curious eye

Section 7: Trackers & Journal

Finally, you’ll find the trackers and journal. These sections are designed to show kids their progress and act as a memento of their trip; something they can look back on when their trip is over. In the final pages, kids can stick in photos or things they find.

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