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Flinders Ranges

A semiarid region of majestic mountain ranges, magnificent scenery, and seemingly endless colour changes makes the Flinders Ranges a must-see destination on any traveller’s itinerary.

Amazing fossil discoveries evidence a time when the region was a vast flat body of water, harbouring primitive forms of life, before violent volcanic activity produced an upheaval of the earth’s crust to create the enormous folds and formations of the Flinders Ranges as we know it.

Flinders Ranges National Park is a green sanctuary amid the large pastoral holdings that surround it. Its main feature, Wilpena Pound, is one of South Australia’s most recognised natural attractions. A number of private properties around the Flinders Ranges have opened some of their station tracks to the public as self-drive 4WD treks. These tracks take in some of the best scenery and views the Flinders Ranges has to offer and some stations even provide accommodation and/or camping areas.

Bushwalking is also a popular pastime with more than 20 walks in the Flinders Ranges National Park.

The best months to visit are April to October when the weather is cooler, although the Park is generally accessible all year round. This is arid country so you need to take care when walking and bring plenty of water. Fire bans apply from November to mid-April.

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