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Ricko's review of the Aerpro AMHXD3 In-Dash Module

When it comes to navigating the great Australian outback, few people have the experience of Rick O’Brien (Ricko). As a renowned off-road expert, we were thrilled to hear Ricko give the latest in-dash module, the Aerpro AMHXD3 featuring Hema Maps and powered by HemaX Digital such a strong endorsement.

According to Ricko, the AMHXD3 is a game-changer for off-roaders. It takes all the great features of the Hema Maps HX-2 and puts them right in the dash of your vehicle, where they're easily accessible and don't obstruct your view. No more having to rely on a device hanging off your windscreen. With the AMHXD3, you'll have great mapping at your fingertips, including turn-by-turn navigation powered by global mapping leader HERE Maps and HemaX Digital.

One of the standout features of the AMHXD3, according to Ricko, is its 100,000+ points of interest pre-loaded into the module. This includes information on campsites, such as whether they're free or require payment, if there's water available, and if dogs are allowed. It's this level of detail and accuracy that sets Hema Maps apart from other mapping providers.


But the AMHXD3 isn't just about its off-road capabilities. It also offers fantastic on-road mapping powered by HERE Maps, which are renowned for their accuracy. This, coupled with the turn-by-turn navigation, makes the AMHXD3 a great all-round solution for any type of driving.

Another highlight for Ricko was the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the AMHXD3. He found it easy to navigate and use, even while on the move. And with the ability to tuck it away out of sight when not in use, it's also a convenient option.

Overall, Ricko was impressed by the AMHXD3 and highly recommended it to anyone looking for a top-of-the-line in-dash navigation module. Partnering with the Aerpro In-dash units (with over 80 models to suit many makes and models) and compatibility directly with most modern four-wheel drives, this is a terrific option for most off-roaders or tourers. . So, if you're looking to upgrade your off-roading game, be sure to check out the AMHXD3 from Aerpro and Hema Maps.

The AMHXD3 (and Aerpro head units) can be purchased directly from Hema Maps (at or your leading automotive retailer.

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