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Red dirt stains on a camper can be a badge of honour for many of us, but they can also detract from the look of your camper. Plus, the ochre pigment is notoriously hard to remove. Our latest caravan is a ten-year-old Trakmaster and, on the face of it, it had done every dusty track in Australia when we bought it. 

The red film survived despite several attempts to bring it back to its former glory with our usual mix of cleaners. So, when Heather found a product that claimed to clean all sorts of muck and stain, including the red dirt, I was, of course, sceptical. It’s my go-to position, after all.

However, I had to eat my words when Heather went to work with the cleaner and before long displayed a much-improved van. Unfortunately, the job was over so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to get some before and after photos! However, we did have another go at cleaning some of the more detailed sections around the trim where the dust had piled up in narrow crevices. You can see the difference in the close-up images here.

Red Stain Remover is from the range of Outback Cleaning Products, a company formed when two blokes from the northern part of Western Australia searched for a solution to get rid of stains from dust and boar water. They teamed up with Krystal Shield Chemicals and now distribute their product Australia-wide through Coast to Coast dealers.

The wash is not acidic, so it’s safe on most surfaces. It’s an alkaline-based detergent, and the secret for use is to dilute it with water to around 20:1. In its raw form, it’s very slippery, so it needs some water mixed in to give the product some grip. It works best on smooth surfaces like fibreglass, polished alloy, chrome and so on. Be careful though as it can be harmful to skin and eyes so wear gloves and even protective glasses to be safe.

It had no impact in getting stains off the galvanised A-frame. And, on the first try, even though the surface is relatively smooth, it wasn’t very effective on some of the thicker silicon sealing where the stain was deep red.

A call to the company’s info line got me in touch with co-owner Peter who suggested a scouring pad and more dilution of the liquid. That worked a treat, and it makes a big difference to how the van looks.


RRP $42.5




No offroad trip nowadays is complete without a barbeque, and the new offering from Char-Griler, the Akorn Junior Kamado Charcoal BBQ, is another option to fill this gap.

Portable and compact, the BBQ is made from heavy steel to ensure heat retention, you’ll have the ability to smoke meat and vegetables as well as grilling the likes of kebabs. Also, despite being a little smaller, features such as dual dampers, a temperature gauge and triple wall insulation are still included to make things that little bit easier.


RRP $269




Sick of being eaten alive, but can’t stand the smell of traditional repellent sprays? Thermacell might have just the thing for you.

Their Backpacker Repeller creates a 21sqm to keep those pesky mozzies at bay. Lightweight, portable and easy to use, the Backpacker Repeller runs off the same camping gas canisters campers often already have at their disposal.


RRP $64.95




Sometimes the best part of getting away from the concrete jungle is the chance to kick up your heels and just relax, and nothing helps this along more than a hammock.

Lightweight, strong and quick drying, the Two Trees Single Nylon Hammock is easy to take anywhere to give you that little bit of extra comfort. With two carabiners included for easy setup, you also have your choice of three different colours. 


RRP $31.98




The Transcool E3 is a versatile portable personal air-cooling solution for you or your pets when things get a bit warm, easily used by plugging it into a 12V cigarette style power socket if you are off the grid, or plug into mains power at home — Transcool even offers an optional Lithium power pack if you go bush without any source of power.

The Transcool E3 provides cool relief and can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, while stationary or moving.

Designed in Australia to be compact and lightweight, with a low power draw and a 2-year warranty, the Transcool E3 is the perfect companion when hitting the road in a caravan, camper or tent, the water in a boat, or even for use at home.


RRP $349



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