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Making money on the road

  • 8 Tips for Making Money on the Road

    Posted on: 02/07/14

    Start exploring Australia sooner than you planned and stay out there longer with these tips on how to find work and make money while you're on the road.

  • 5 Bad Four-Wheel Driving Habits

    Posted on: 16/06/14

    Dave Darmody from Australian Offroad Academy tells us the 5 bad driving habits he sees most as a professional driving trainer.

  • 3 Powerful Features of the Hema Navigator HN7

    Posted on: 05/05/14

    The Hema Navigator HN7 is a powerful yet intuitive navigation system, with key new features that simplify touring and four-wheel driving throughout Australia.

  • 12 Tips for Driving in Snow

    Posted on: 25/03/14

    Snowy conditions impact how you drive your 4WD to stay safe on roads and tracks, so knowing how to drive in snow is a skill worth learning.

  • Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach: A Lesson in Safe Beach Driving

    Posted on: 10/03/14

    Four-wheel driving on a beach is a thrilling but potentially risky activity - just ask those in the know around South East Queensland's famous Rainbow Beach.

  • 6 Tips for Driving in Sand

    Posted on: 01/02/14

    Driving in sand requires proper technique and good judgement. Do you know all the tips and tricks for the next time you're in a sandy situation?

  • Family Travel Tips: Advice for a Perfect Family Road Trip

    Posted on: 02/12/13

    The stereotypical family road trip is a polarising mix of good and bad memories, though you can break the mould on your next adventure with these tips for making the perfect family road trip.

  • Ultimate 4WD Touring - Vehicle Maintenance

    Posted on: 05/11/13

    Four veteran tourers tell us what tools and skills they use to take care of their four-wheel drives on long off-road adventures.

  • Ultimate 4WD Touring - Living on the Road

    Posted on: 22/10/13

    The longer you’re on the road, the more important your sleeping quarters and living space become. Four veteran touring travellers share with us what accommodation and living setups they use on their own long-term adventures.

  • Ultimate 4WD Touring - Vehicle Setup

    Posted on: 18/09/13

    A well-equipped, reliable and capable 4WD vehicle is a blessing on weekend off-road getaways, but is essential when embarking on a long trip. Four veteran touring travellers share with us what vehicles and accessories they trust on their own long-term adventures.


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