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Getting Equipped

Make sure you’re fully equipped to tackle the High Country before your next foray into Australia’s alpine wonderland.  

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High Country Victoria is one of Australia’s most iconic regions, with devout four-wheel drivers heading up in droves year-in year-out to experience some of the best tracks in Australia. Part of what makes the High Country so enticing is the challenging nature of the terrain and climate, though this also means being properly prepared is paramount.

Be fully equipped

The biggest point to remember before leaving home is that you are fully equipped for all possible conditions, as with any other trip. However, due to the alpine conditions in the High Country this advice is more important than ever. For starters, tyre chains are ideal, despite the faith put in 4WD capable vehicles in snow. Tyre chains are an essential safety item, with diamond-pattern chains generally more effective than ladder-pattern chains. Also, preference is given to vehicles with snow chains by resorts, and some even require them.

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The next thing on the list is a full recovery kit, though for most that should go without saying. To ensure you’re prepared, add these things to your checklist:

Alpine Checklist

- A ground sheet (for putting on chains), a spade, rubber gloves, a towrope, a plastic ice scraper & torch

- Clothing that is designed for cold weather and will dry quickly. Avoid jeans, instead invest in some thermals

- Check the health of your battery: it should be in good condition

- Check the condition of your tyres and ensure the pressure is correct  

- Put anti-freeze compound in your radiator and take along spare hoses 

- Ensure your fuel tank is topped up  

- Bring a spare key, as a key lost in snow is often impossible to find  

- When you reach alpine towns like Bright or Omeo, top up your diesel with ‘winter diesel’ fuel

Have these things on your list when you visit the High Country and save yourself some grief with proper preparation. 


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