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Camping Equipment Checklist

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Next time you are planning a camping trip, use our free essential camping checklist before you head off to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Category Items
Campsite  Research campsites
 Book or money for campsites
 Campground contact details

 Tent, poles, pegs & rope
 Rooftop tent
 Gazebo & gazebo walls
 Shelter repair kit 
 Awning or annexe (optional)
 Tarp or ground cloth
 Tent entrance mat (optional)

Bedding & Sleeping   Sleeping bag
 Sheets & blankets (optional)
 Stretcher or air mattress & pump or padded camping mat (optional)

Kitchen & Cooking   Food
 Esky & ice or camp fridge or cooler
 Butane or Propane gas stove
 Butane or Propane gas
 Camp oven
 Pots & pans
 Matches or lighter
 Aluminium foil
 Plastic food wrap
 Cutting knife
 Large wooden spoon
 Cutting board
 Cooking oil or spray
 Folding table
 Camp kettle
 Coffee & tea
 Salt & pepper
 Spices (optional)
 Zip lock bags
 Can & bottle opener
 Mixing bowls
 Dustpan & brush 
 Camp or BBQ grill (optional)
 Skewers (optional)
 Drying rack (optional)
Cleaning  Paper towels
 Tea towels
 Rubbish bags
 Detergent or dishwashing liquid
 Dustpan & brush
 Steel wool
 Wash bucket
 Clothes line

Category Items

 Fluoro lights
 Lanterns & fuel
 Gas light & gas
 Citronella candles
 Head lamp
 Tent light
Camping solar panels (optional)


 Footwear – Thongs & shoes

Personal Hygiene  Toothbrush
 Toilet paper
 Portable camp shower (optional)
 Portable camp toilet (optional)
 Medication (optional)
 Feminine products

 Insect or bug repellent
 Pocket knife
 Camp chairs
 Large water container or water jerry
 First aid kit
 Deck of cards
 Axe (optional)
 Cricket set
 Generator, generator fuel, power board, extension lead
 Device or phone chargers
 Zip ties
 Portable speakers


 Fuel jerry cans
 Fishing gear
 Water bottle or canteen
Offline GPS navigation unit or app
 4WD recovery gear
 Air compressor
 Lift jack
 Tyre repair kit

 Jumper start pack
 Socket set


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