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4WD Beaches Australia

In Australia, we are lucky enough to have a wide selection of amazing beaches that allow 4WD access. Here is some of our favourite Australian 4WD beach runs.

Stockton Beach, NSW

Stockton Beach is an expanse of hilly, soft sand dunes, which are sometimes over 1 kilometre wide and as far as the eye can see. In specific sections the dunes are extremely steep and some are up to 30 metres high.

Time: 1hr 10mins (Anna Bay to Lavis Lane) - Distance: 31km - View Track by Ramius

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island, QLD

Named for the length of the beach it traverses, 75 Mile Beach traces the eastern side of Fraser Island. The drive encounters the Maheno shipwreck and the mouth of Eli Creek, while offering some of the most thrilling four-wheel beach driving in Australia.

Time: 2 hours - Distance: 104km - View Track by Hema Maps


Yeagarup Dunes, Pemberton, WA

Rising out of the surrounding forest that it's slowly swallowing, Yeagarup Dunes are a 10km-long mobile dune system that are a four-wheel driver's dream. The track from Yeagarup Dunes to Warren Beach is about 2km, with another 4km added for the journey to the Calcup Hill turnoff.

Time: Approx. 2hrs 40mins (Callcup Hill included) - Distance: 41km - View Track by tom_nav


Robe, SA

The classic trip from Robe to Beachport weaves from beach to inland, giving travellers the perfect opportunity to admire this pristine section of South Australian coastline. Although this is generally an easy beach run, those travelling by 4WD will need to be aware of the extremely soft beach sand in the area.

Time: 2hr 20mins - Distance: 56km - View Track by tennismark

Nanthau Beach, Cape York, QLD

Time: 1hr 35mins - Distance: 47km - View Track by Hema Maps

Nanthau Beach is a part of the Five Beaches track – a misnomer since this is actually made up of no fewer than seven beaches. All the beaches are connected, allowing 4WD enthusiasts to see them all, if the mood strikes. Nearby is Somerset Ruins, which offers travellers a little bit of history to go with their beach adventure.


North Stradbroke Island, QLD




North Stradbroke Island - or Straddie as it is known to locals - is renowned for its sandy tree-shrouded  trails that open up to golden sandy beaches with active coastline. With good fishing, diving, driving and camping on offer, it's not a mystery why North Stradbroke Island is the bread and butter of South East Queensland's off-road community.

Time: 1hr 45mins - Distance: 56km - View Track by Hema Maps


Cable Beach, WA

Cable Beach is perhaps Australia's most popular 4WD access beach, with locals and visitors alike congregating on its ample shoreline to sit and watch the sunset each day. Enjoy the view in good company when daylight's golden hour begins, or head north along 22-kilometres of pristine beach at any time of day to take in some stunning Kimberley coastline.


Moreton Island North, QLD

Outside of Tangalooma Resort, Moreton Island is devoid of bitumen - just what the doctor ordered. The island can be traversed in a figure-eight; the beach drives look out onto crystalline waters, while the inland Middle Road winds through persistent low-lying forest. There are plenty of attractions to see along the way, and you will encounter fewer people than you would imagine on an island of its size and beauty.

Time: 2hr 40mins - Distance: 52km - View Track by Hema Maps

Cooloola Recreation Area, QLD

The perfect alternative (or precursor) to what awaits visitors to the north on Fraser Island, the drive along the Cooloola coast feels more isolated than it is. After winding through sandy and dirt tracks, your run will be relatively smooth and easy to drive once on the beach. If the sand is dry you may experience some potentially difficult cuttings. In lieu of deviating inland towards rainbow beach and Tin Can Bay, Magical Double Island Point can be reached by heading north on the oft-challenging Leisha Track.

Time: 1hr 55mins - Distance: 63.6km - View Track by Hema Maps

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