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The Brindabellas

Set amongst the Australian Alps, the Brindabellas invites adventurers to take a trip through its undulating alpine peaks and valleys.

What to expect

The Brindabella Range is located in Brindabella National Park, setting the scene for an idyllic alpine adventure. Those choosing to visit the area will be able to decide whether they want to stay for a few days, or simply take a day trip out with the family, since the park is located not far from Canberra.

The park is an alluring 4WD destination for the simple reason that it is littered with tracks, allowing drivers to test their skills as they get a taste for adventure. These days, it is not only the 4WD enthusiasts that are drawn to the park, but also mountain bike riders, hikers and sightseers.

The mountainous terrain is covered in vegetation, including gums and red stringybark. A trip to the peaks is advised not only for the fresh air, but also for the astounding views, which are available from many of the trails. It is believed that you can see directly to Canberra on a good day.

The Flea Creek Campground

Those looking to spend the night have a range of options to choose from in terms of camping grounds, including the Flea Creek campground, which boasts fishing and picnicking. This camp is located adjacent to the creek, on the valley close to Goodradigbee River. The camping is strictly tent only, but it boasts BBQ and toilet facilities. Camping in this area is free and is a great starting point for those looking to explore in their 4WD.

One of the perks of staying at the camp is the chance to view the local wildlife, which includes owls and trout.

The Lowells Flat Campground

The Lowells Flat campground is a welcome place for families looking to spend time in the great outdoors for the weekend. This is a tent only camp with toilet facilities, and the area remains unpowered. It’s important that visitors are fully prepared for their journey due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, which can vary and quickly become extreme.

The McIntyres Campground

The McIntyres campground is situated on the riverside and it’s the perfect spot for a picnic, as well as a trip to the McIntyres Hut. The camping ground is tent only, with unmarked and unpowered sites, as well as limited mobile reception. One of the perks of this campsite is the opportunity to get closer to one of the most beloved of Australia’s animals – the kangaroo – who is known to feed by the riverside during sunset.

A trip to the Brindabellas, whether it is for a few days or just an afternoon, gives 4WDers the chance to test their abilities on the type of terrain the 4WD was made for and this continues to lure in visitors day in and day out.

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