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Camping on the Coral Coast

As it sits on the western coastline of Western Australia, shimmering crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches are all located on the beautiful and enchanting Coral Coast. 

Located two hours north of Perth, the Coral Coast is an aquatic wonderland bordered by rust-red cliffs. The spectacular coast is named primarily for the captivating Ningaloo Reef that lies just offshore. Well known for its sea life and close encounters with manta rays, whale sharks, sea lions and their famous dolphins, on dry land, lies magnificent gorges, coastal cliffs and gorgeous wildflowers that blanket over trails.

If you’re looking to pack the 4WD for a getaway, then the beauty of the Coral Coast will captivate you with its stunning scenic trails, parks, beautiful wildlife as well as the region's freshest and most exquisite seafood that you just can’t miss. 

As the Coral Coast is a thriving fishing industry, it provides nothing but the best, freshest and large variety of seafood to the platter. From fresh western rock lobster to prawns and cockles, don’t forget to stop by for some tropical fruits and visit the microbreweries for a quick and refreshing drink or two. 

The perfect destination for relaxation and Australia’s best-kept secret, the beauty of the Coral Coast will never disappoint. 

As the home to Shark Bay, one of Australia’s World Heritage Sites, Shark Bay boasts more than 1000 kilometres of pristine beach and calm inviting waters. And while you're there swimming with sharks, don’t miss out on the Pink Lake located just over one hour’s drive north of Geraldton or 40 minutes south of Kalbarri for a view unlike any other.

Ranging from mesmerising scenery such as its rust-red cliffs to its turquoise waters, from fresh seafood to cosy cafes and breweries, the Coral Coast has something to suit everyone. Not to mention the multitude of caravan parks, villas and hotels, making it a perfect getaway for all times of the year.

Map 350 of the Hema Where to Camp Guide Australia has details of several free and low-cost camps on the Coral Coast, as well as several caravan parks:

  • Geraldton Caravan Park, 239 Hall Road, Waggrakine 6530 (Map 416 A1). Tents and campers, toilets inc disabled, powered site, shower and drinking water, swimming pool and playground, store, pet friendly, dump point, electric barbecue, laundry and camp kitchen, fee applies.
  • Bayview Coral Bay, 24-26 Robinson Street, Coral Bay 6701 (Map 412 K1, 414 A2). Toilets inc disabled, tents and campers, powered site, shower and drinking water, electric barbecue, dump point, laundry, camp kitchen, bin, swimming pool and playground, store, fee applies.
  • Knobby Head North Rest Area, Indian Ocean Drive, Arrowsmith 6525 (Map 416 D2). Toilets, campfire, camper trailer and tents only, bin, pet friendly.
  • Mt Augustus Tourist Park, Mt Augustus Landor Road, East Lyons River 6705 (Map 414 C6). Toilets inc disabled, campfire, tents and campers, shower and drinking water, tables and shelter, electric barbecue, laundry, dump point, camp kitchen, bin, pet friendly, store, fee applies.  
  • One K Camping Area, Ningaloo Yardie Creek Road, Cape Range National Park 6707 (Map 412 J1). Toilets, camper trailer and tents only, 4WD access, fee applies.
  • Sunset Beach Holiday Park, 1 Bosley Street, Sunset Beach 6530 (Map 416 A1). Toilets inc disabled, campers and tents, powered site, shower and drinking water, electric barbecue, dump point, laundry, camp kitchen, playground, store, fee applies.
  • Wandoo Reserve, Jurien Road, East Road Hill River 6521 (Map 416 F2). Camper trailer only, tables, bin, pet friendly.

Don’t forget to take a copy of the Hema Maps Where to Camp Guide Australia which contains details of more than 5500 campsites and caravan parks on 180 pages of detailed maps covering the entire length and breadth of our great land.


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