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White Water in the Kimberley

The Kimberley is defined by its network of gorges and waterways, so to get to the heart of this wild frontier, Mike Collister took to the water on a 14-day kayaking adventure.

Words and images provided by Mike Collister from Adventure Curated.

This expedition began in Mount Barnett along the Gibb River Rd. In the wet season it's a little harder to reach, so we arrived by Cessna - 6 kayaks and all.

To get to the beginning of our adventure, we hitched a ride to our launch point on the Barnett Creek.

After travelling down the Barnett Creek we joined the more powerful waters of the Hann River.

Living from our kayaks for 14 days (no re-supply) meant all our gear and food had to pack small!

Waterfalls take more courage when they are in the middle of nowhere and the kayaks are fully loaded!

The Fitzroy River is truly Australia's Grand Canyon.

The entire Kimberley region is filled with such powerful history.

Exploring the endless side creeks is an adventure in itself.

Amazing white water, stunning gorges and blue skies!

Wet season magic.

Our final stretch was through Geikie Gorge and on to Fitzroy Crossing.

You can find more travel photography and articles from Mike over at Adventure Curated or by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

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