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Track Review - CREB Track - Cape York

There is an abundance of opportunities for 4WD enthusiasts to test their off-road driving skills in Cape York.

To tackle the numerous off-road tracks in Cape York successfully, you’ll need a ‘proper’ 4WD vehicle with low-range gearing and good ground clearance. Here are our favourite top off-road tracks in Cape York:

4WD Pack

Hema HX-1 Navigator

CREB Track

Just over 60km long, the CREB Track is one of the best, and most challenging 4WD trips in north Queensland.

Frenchman's Track

Splitting east off the Old Telegraph Track north of Batavia Downs is one of the Cape's most testing tracks, featuring water crossings, technical driving and sand tracks: Frenchmans Track.

Old Telegraph Track - South & North

This iconic 4WD track with its numerous well-known and revered creek crossings, such as Gunshot Creek and Palm Creek, and other challenges is high on the list of ‘must-do’s for most Australian four-wheel driving adventurers.

The Tip - East & West

Take the drive to the Australian mainland’s northernmost point, which is surrounded by many attractions and natural delights on both its eastern and western sides.

Oyala Thumotang National Park (CYPAL)

Squeezed between Cape York's Coen and Archer rivers is Oyala Thumotang National Park, a park rich in wildlife supported by woodlands, swamps and rainforest.

Ussher Point

The journey to Ussher Point and Cape York's remote east coast takes travellers through tight rainforest tracks out to spectacular coastline and high bauxite cliffs.

Kutini-Payamu National Park

Discover Australia's largest remaining area of lowland rainforest within the wilderness of Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park.

Palmer River Goldfields

One of the Cape's most difficult 4WD tracks is an adventurous and historical trip through the region's highlands.

Starcke Coast

This adventurous drive traverses sweeping beaches, thick jungle, open savannah and more through some of Cape York's wildest country, before ending in a remote bush camp on the Starcke River.

Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park

Home to vast floodplains and wetlands that are teeming with bird and marine life, Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park is an idyllic camping and off-road destination.


This jaunt around the northern reaches of Cape York requires good sand driving technique, and in the process rewards travellers with some secluded spots and visceral evidence of the region's involvement in World War II.

Cape Melville

Featuring some challenging four-wheel driving and the prospect of a remote beach at its end makes the trip through Cape Melville a classic Cape York sojourn.

The Bloomfield Track

Bloomfield Track

The bitumen stops at Cape Tribulation, where you enter a green, dimly lit tunnel carved through a dense wilderness of tall trees. At about 9km from the Kulki turn-off you come to the first major ascent into the Donovan Range – this is followed by a series of steep climbs and descents, all of which require low range.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain

Connecting Kuranda and Julatten, the 49km Black Mountain Road along the MacAlister Range provides an adventurous alternative to the Captain Cook Highway. For the most part this unsealed route winds through World Heritage rainforest in the Kuranda and Mowbray national parks.

Pennefather River

Pennefather River

Take a drive along the dunes north to the Pennefather River.

Nanthau Beach

Nanthau Beach

Drive the spectaular coastline of Nanthau Beach, with rolling hills, sandy beaches and ruddy headlands.

Frenchmans Track water crossing


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