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Mitchell Plateau

The Mitchell Plateau, located in the far northern reaches of the remote Kimberley region, is home to the magnificent Mitchell Falls and other natural attractions.

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The Mitchell Plateau is an isolated and challenging trip to undertake, but it’s one that is also very worthwhile for any 4WD enthusiast. The plateau is reached from the Gibb River Road and it is from here that visitors will get a view of the layered sandstone that makes up the plateau, along with the Mitchell River and the three falls scattered throughout the area, including Mitchell Falls, Little Mertens Falls and Mertens Falls.

What to expect

The Mitchell Plateau is one of the most popular destinations for four-wheel drivers traversing the Kimberley. The journey poses a challenge in terms of its ruggedness and vehicular stress, while the end destination is iconic for its inimitable natural artwork. Either way, it remains a must-see for any 4WD adventurer looking to discover the best of the Kimberley. 

The waterfalls

The three waterfalls on the Mitchell Plateau are the most alluring attractions in the area. The Little Mertens Falls, boasts natural spa pools that can be accessed on the same site, as well as a cave beneath it. A walk to the falls will allow visitors to walk along tall cliffs and journey through rainforest as they traverse through an ever-changing landscape. The old Bradshaw Paintings are located in this area, which provide visitors with a look into the storytelling of the ancient Aboriginal people of the area, although the precise identity of the creator is still debated.

The Drysdale Homestead

The Drysdale Homestead is located about 60 km on the Kalumburu road and it gives visitors the chance to stock up on supplies. It is also here where travellers can find accommodation. Once this homestead has been passed, travellers will need to be completely self-reliant, so it is important that visitors to the area keep this in mind.

The Mitchell Plateau

The Mitchell Plateau can be accessed via the Gibb River Road, about 407 km’s from Derby. The road itself is not well maintained, which means that driving will be slow. The Mitchell Plateau Track is usually the last of the Kimberley roads to be opened once the wet season has come to a close.

Camping and Accommodations

The King Edward River camping grounds are located after the King Edward River, although the facilities are extremely basic. At this location, visitors will find little more than bush toilets.

The Mitchell Falls camping grounds are sign posted, but before entering the area, it’s important that visitors collect firewood in the firewood collection area, which is located on the boundaries of the national park.

The camping grounds happen to be the most popular and it is fairly large. Currently, the site is divided into generator and non-generator sites, with no toilets or showers. While there is no water at the site itself, visitors can collect some in Mertens Creek.

The Mitchell Plateau is one of the most alluring and secluded attractions in Western Australia, its remoteness and the sight of its glorious waterfalls typifying much of what draws off-road adventurers to Western Australia's Kimberley region.



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