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Cape Leveque

Tapering north from Broome to its remote tip is Cape Leveque, a place of red ochre pindan cliffs and white beaches linked by dusty outback tracks.

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What to expect

When it comes to terrain, few places offer adventure travellers as much as Cape Leveque, and this makes it a particularly thrilling destination for those looking for gorgeous views and an exciting driving experience. Cape Leveque rests on the northern tip of the Dampier Peninsula, and is one of the Kimberley’s most scenic regions for its clash of coastline and outback. The region has a long and storied past within both local and surrounding indigenous tribes, most prominently the Bardi, Jawi and Bindunbur people.

The Broome-Cape Leveque Road is a wide, corrugated red dirt track, which is more a test of your vehicle’s fortitude than your driving skills. Tracks split off the main drag to various parts of the cape’s coastline, which are plentiful enough to keep travellers busy for days on end. Keep an eye out for signs signifying which tracks are public access and which are either closed or for local use only – our Kimberley map and digital products also include this information.


Kooljaman at Cape Leveque is a wilderness camp known for its remoteness and run by the Bardi Jawi community. It is here where visitors are invited by the local owners to immerse themselves in the history of the land – land that has been owned by these people for thousands of years. Those looking to stay in this area have the option of choosing from safari tents, cabins, campsites and and beach camping shelters.


Beagle Bay & surrounds

Along the way up Cape Leveque, visitors will pass through Beagle Bay, a destination that boasts the well-known Sacred Heart Church. It is here that visitors will be able to glimpse the altar that is decorated in mother-of-pearl shells. While no accommodations are available in this area, it is most certainly worth a visit.

The area north of Beagle Bay features criss-crossing tracks and a variety of coastal camping options, which are diverse in their facilities and surrounding sights. Gnylmarung Retreat offers low-key beachside camping away from the relative hustle and bustle of Kooljaman, while Mercedes Cove, Goombaragin and others offer onsite accommodation for those looking to camp in style. Whichever you choose to stay at, brilliant ocean views and rugged red cliffs are assured.

One Arm Point

One Arm Point is situated a stone’s throw from Kooljaman. This destination has fishing tours – which tend to be very popular – as well as breeding grounds for juvenile trochus shells. A trip into the hatchery is a fascinatingly diverse peek into the marine life within the region without needing a boat or a line.

Marine Life

When it comes to marine life, few places offer the diversity that is on display at Cape Leveque. While swimming is encouraged in many areas, visitors need to be very careful about where they choose to swim due to the dangers posed by local wildlife. The waters are home to sting rays, saltwater crocodiles and box jellyfish – some of the most lethal creatures on earth.

Anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Australian wilderness need look no further than Cape Leveque. This area has something to offer everyone, from the explorer to the historian, and this continues to draw visitors to its shores each and every year.

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