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Hema Maps Launches Fraser Island (K’gari) Map

Hema Maps, the leading publisher of maps and guides for Australia and beyond, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest product: the Fraser Island (K'gari) Map. This highly detailed map is designed to provide an immersive experience for travellers exploring one of Australia's most diverse 4WD destinations.

Fraser Island (K'gari) is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including beaches, rainforests, perched lakes, sand blows and swampy jens. With a scale of 1:130,000, the Fraser Island (K’gari) map is highly detailed, ensuring accuracy and safe travelling throughout the island.

 Fraser Island (K'gari) Map

To guarantee the utmost precision, Hema Maps' dedicated Map Patrol team has field-checked the 4WD tracks, ensuring the inclusion of up-to-date information and facilitating a seamless navigation experience for adventurers. Additionally, the map features hybrid satellite inset maps of Waddy Point, Orchid Beach, Cathedral Beach, Happy Valley, Kingfisher Bay, Eurong, and Second Valley to give the map user a different perspective on the key camping sites.

The reverse side of the Fraser Island (K'gari) Map offers a wealth of information to enhance visitors' enjoyment of the island. This includes touring information for each distinct region, highlighting the numerous attractions and activities available. Furthermore, the map provides crucial details on island access, permit information, accommodation options, useful contacts, and insightful tips for safe and successful sand driving.

According to Hema Maps Chairman, Sam Hayward, "Fraser Island (K'gari) is a natural wonder, and our goal with this map is to provide an all-encompassing guide that enhances the exploration of this remarkable destination. The combination of highly detailed mapping, field-checked 4WD tracks, and valuable insights ensures that adventurers can make the most of their time on the world's largest sand island."

Fraser Island (K'gari) Map

The Fraser Island (K'gari) Map is now available for purchase online and through leading retailers across Australia, ensuring accessibility to all adventure enthusiasts and travellers.

Here is how Hema Map Patrol explored Fraser Island to create this map:

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At Hema Maps, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and accurate maps and guides for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore Australia's natural wonders.

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