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Hema Maps and Saber Offroad Join Forces

Hema Maps, a leading provider of navigational and touring equipment, is excited to announce a strategic distribution partnership with Saber Offroad, a renowned manufacturer of premium offroad and outdoor adventure and recovery products. As of mid-June 2023, consumers will be able to purchase Saber Offroad gear via Hema Maps and specialty Aussie retailer A247.

Saber offroad Hema Maps

This is a very exciting collaboration which brings together two industry leaders, combining their expertise to offer adventurers and offroad enthusiasts an enhanced selection of high-quality gear for their expeditions.

Hema Maps has long been recognised for its comprehensive mapping solutions, empowering explorers with accurate and detailed maps, atlases and digital products. Through its partnership with Saber Offroad, Hema Maps will expand its product offering to include the full range of Saber’s top-grade adventure equipment.

Saber Offroad is highly regarded for its dedication to quality and innovation, providing adventurers with a wide array of recovery equipment designed to withstand the rigors of exploration and enhance the outdoor experience. The Hema Map Patrol, a dedicated team of offroading professionals who track and collect road data and points of interest, has a range of Saber Offroad products on board its current tour in the Simpson Desert, powered by Adrenalin Offroad. The team will be undertaking a dedicated Saber testing program with these products, putting them through their paces and discovering their limitations firsthand.

Saber Offroad Hema Maps

“We are delighted to join forces with Saber Offroad to give adventurers a comprehensive solution for their exploration needs,” said Chairman at Hema Maps, Sam Hayward. “Through this partnership, we can provide our customers with not only reliable mapping solutions but also access to Saber Offroad’s premium recovery gear, ensuring they are well-equipped for their offroad journeys.”

The collaboration between Hema Maps and Saber Offroad brings several benefits to outdoor enthusiasts and stockists:

Expanded product range — customers will have the convenience of accessing Hema Maps’ extensive collection of maps and digital products, along with a selection of Saber Offroad’s premium recovery gear.

Quality and reliability — both Hema and Saber are committed to delivering products of the highest quality. Customers can trust that the mapping solutions and recovery gear offered through this partnership are designed to withstand the demands of offroad adventures and provide reliable performance in challenging environments.

Expert guidance and support — with their combined expertise, Hema and Saber will provide customers with exceptional guidance and support. Adventure enthusiasts can rely on knowledgeable teams to assist them in selecting the right products for their specific needs, ensuring they have the necessary equipment for a successful and enjoyable journey.

“The Saber team is thrilled to partner with Hema Maps, a trusted manufacturer and distributor of navigation solutions,” said Managing Director at Saber Offroad, Ben Bartlett. “By joining forces, we can expand the reach of Saber Offroad’s premium recovery gear and offer outdoor enthusiasts a comprehensive solution for their offroad adventures. Together we are committed to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service.”

Saber Offroad Hema Maps

With their shared passion for adventure and commitment to customer satisfaction, these two industry leaders are poised to deliver unparalleled products and support to adventurers worldwide.

About Saber Offroad

Saber Offroad is a distinguished manufacturer of high-quality 4WD recovery solutions and gear. Their products are superior quality, value for money, user-friendly and, above all, safe. Saber Offroad delivers a combination of 4WD recovery products including strong and lightweight soft shackles, kinetic and winch ropes and heavy-duty aluminium accessories that complement each other to offer a full recovery solution. With a focus on quality and innovation, Saber Offroad’s gear enhances the outdoor experience while withstanding the challenges of exploration.

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