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Travelling with kids and the new Kids’ Lap Bible — Rose Foster interview


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To celebrate the release of the all-new Kids’ Lap Bible, we interviewed author Rose Foster who shared some great advice for those embarking on the Big Lap with kids in tow.


The Big Lap is a massive and epic journey that is on many a traveller’s bucket list. There are a lot of considerations that go into planning and executing a Big Lap — even more so when there are kids involved. 


Rose Foster The Kids’ Lap Bible

Rose Foster with her kids


Following the hugely successful Big Lap Bible (First and Second Editions), author Rose Foster worked with the team at Travel Aus Press to produce an interactive and colourful ‘kid’s version’ of the book, the Kids’ Lap Bible. This new 130-page book is a complement to the Big Lap Bible and gives children travelling the Big Lap with their parents the ability to both learn what there is to see and do and be involved in planning the journey — plus, it gives them a way to record it all during the trip and afterwards.

We had the opportunity to speak with the Kids’ Lap Bible’s author Rose Foster this week and gleaned some great advice for families planning a Big Lap. 

As Rose is a seasoned explorer and expert on the Big Lap, we decided the best place to start was by getting her top five pieces of advice for travellers embarking on the Big Lap with kids on board. 

1. Stay in kid-friendly spots

Depending on your budget, a mix of kid-friendly caravan spots and free camps in nature is a good idea. Children will have access to great facilities to keep them entertained at the caravan parks and have incredible adventures in nature-based camps.


Rose Foster The Kids’ Lap Bible


2. Plan around family-friendly events

Check out Australia’s best family-friendly events and plan your route around them. Heading to these events will add an extra dimension of fun to your lap, and often these events are free so you can entertain the whole family at no cost!

3. Don’t stress about school

Whether you’re homeschooling, using distance education or unschooling, the opportunities for learning on the road are endless and you don’t have to go far to find them. Read informational signage, visit a local library, pick up brochures and generally immerse yourself in nature and you and your kids will likely learn a thing or two.

4. Get the kids’ buy-in!

While the prospect of the Big Lap is super exciting and most kids will be very excited about the adventure, it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s important for children to feel like they have somewhat of a say in terms of where the family is going and what you’ll all be doing — they don’t want to feel like they’re being dragged from place to place (no matter how much you know they will love where you’re taking them!). A guide like the Kids’ Lap Bible is the perfect way to get their buy-in.

5. Snacks and games! 

Make sure you’re well prepared for travel days. Full snack boxes and plenty of things to do are musts!


The Kids’ Lap Bible Hema Maps


With so much to see and do on the epic Big Lap, we asked Rose how did she and the team at Aus Travel Press decide what to include in the Kids’ Lap Bible

We wanted to include as much helpful information as possible in an easy-to-consume way as to not overwhelm children using it. We took guidance from the structure of the Big Lap Bible to influence what the sections would look like to ensure kids could use their Kids’ Lap Bible alongside their parents who were using the Big Lap Bible.

Unlike the Big Lap Bible though, we also considered the big feelings children can have around change. While the prospect of a Big Lap is super exciting, many children can struggle at first with uncertainty and fear of what’s to come, so the planning section helps them quell those fears.

With planning such an important part of the journey ahead, we asked Rose what is the benefit of having your kids involved in planning your Big Lap adventure?

Getting the kids involved in planning leads to the Big Lap becoming a collaborate family adventure. Allowing children to feel like they have influenced where you’re going or what you’re doing is a great way to keep them engaged and on board with full-time travel. With children generally being out of school during the lap, having them contribute to the planning can be a learning opportunity too.

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