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New HX-1 Explore Mode Update Available

A new Explore mode update is out now for the Hema HX-1 Navigator, delivering new map content and user-interface improvements for off-road navigation.

The latest update comes on the heels of a recent Drive mode update, which included new street mapping and updated Camps 9 points of interest.

The biggest arrival with this Hema HX-1 update is the newest version of the Hema Explorer Map, which contains a raft of new content to improve this award-winning topographic map.

This includes fully updated road network mapping for around Australia, over 22,000km of track data captured from the past year’s expeditions, updated park boundaries, Native Title areas and Indigenous Protected Areas, as well as new hydrographic and topographic data. Also, to make map reading simpler, specific aspects of the map have been enhanced or tweaked, including national park colouration and increased visibility of 4WD tracks.

Current users of the HX-1 may need to free up some storage space for the initial download of the new Hema Explorer Map, and to help keep track of the available memory on your HX-1, we’ve added a storage monitor to the device. This can be accessed by navigating to the home screen, tapping the Settings cog and then the About option at the bottom of the menu.

Meanwhile, to make using Explore mode simpler, your current speed can now be displayed onscreen – even when you’re not recording a trip - for quick reference while you’re travelling, while the bottom menu, the location tracker and the waypoint button have been enlarged for easy access to Explore mode’s most commonly-used functions.

Other changes include a fix for incorrect Daylight-Saving time zone changes when travelling interstate, as well as the addition of a temperature warning to notify you when your device is coming close to overheating. This warning is designed to give users time to cool their HX-1 before it shuts down, with the aim of avoiding an interruption to active navigation.

As part of this update, some features have also been removed. The rain radar has been removed for this version, as our incumbent data provider no longer offers this feature. Additionally, the Quick Routing feature has been removed, as its functionality is more fully realised through Drive mode’s turn-by-turn navigation and voice guidance.



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